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  1. Looking up if i can buy a broken model from the same generation and fixing it like that might be an idea, but 3D printing or buying spare parts otherwise its impossible where i live. Then again there's a lot of wear and tear on them, i had been using them for a long time.
  2. Hi I'm using an Asus Xonar DG SI with a pair of HyperX Cloud Core, unfortunately they are starting to break (parts of the plastic frame) so i think its time for a replacement. With the Asus Xonar DG SI i used then at 41k hz (i found it to be the best for the things i used them with) using amplification for 64 ohm+ (Exciter mode) in a 2 channel mode for music and up to 6-8 channels for gaming. My use case is: -watching anime (while i still have some series with lossless quality i focus more on compressed opus audio this days) -listening to j-pop/j-rock mostly (in mp3 format)
  3. It doesn't really matter, it would be a legendary feat regardless of the CPU, even for the lowest tier ones.
  4. The only other thing that could be wrong here is like Benji mentioned the CPU (since the CPU handles pretty much everything Memory related, as the Memory Controller is on the CPU), but that would be a legendary feat... PS: NP, hope everything works out, Gigabyte costumer support is horrible after all.
  5. I kind of cut my previous post short there, and i want to make sure you see this, so if by any chance your motherboard is under warranty then i suggest to just contact the warranty service and sent the motherboard over for replacement. If your motherboard isn't under warranty and you have no way of getting some spare components to test (like from a friend) then i suggest either going to a PC repair shop to test the motherboard's slot 3 & 4 or buy the cheapest used cpu for your motherboard (whichever of those methods is cheaper, though i would go with the PC repair shop) and only afterwards
  6. Sorry during your opening post i mistakenly read that your motherboard was still in warranty, so i meant replace it under warranty.
  7. Then while i don't think that in theory what @Benji is saying is impossible, in practice i believe it is pretty much not possible, yes now days the memory controllers are on CPU's but them being faulty its something far fetched, (CPU's in general are one of the most solid components) i never saw it, the worst i have ever seen from Memory Controllers was back in the AMD FX days where to use 4 sticks of ram and for overclocking ram, overvolting the Memory Controller was a must. Last thing i can say (which you probably did) is to use some compressed air on those two slots maybe something is stu
  8. Actually this can happen with bended CPU/motherboard pins, check to see if the pins on your CPU are all alright.
  9. Hi i'm currently on windows 7 (and i need a fresh install anyway), so i want to grab the windows 11 free upgrade as fast as possible (have the license tied to my current pc hardware/ms account) and then get about with my business (probably going with windows 10 till things seem settled). My question is that if i do a clean install with windows 11 and i use the same ms account that is tied to windows 10 will i get the free windows 11 license tied to my hardware/ms account ? Or does it only work via updating using windows update from withing windows 10 ?
  10. I somehow doubt I'm the issue here lol.
  11. I honestly can't even understand some of you (or other) people, your so obsessed with the latest games that you'd risk breaking your hardware to play this one game ? When there are literally more then thousands out there ? Are you that obsessed with trends?.. Because at this point i can only attribute it to trends... Don't you have any self control or any self esteem for that matter (as many would play games that imply shady mechanics just because) this is why everything is honestly going to .....
  12. Some apps do use it, 4096MB ain't much so I'd rather be sure everything is stable, for ex. i have 16 gb of ram, after more then probably 100-200 opened tabs in chrome (honestly i lost count) and using photoshop they where starting to give me memory warnings despite me having still a lot of free memory left, a bit under half of it in fact was free, after setting it up to 4096 everything worked well and even with almost full memory i never had a warning ever again. Some apps do rely on pagefile, regardless of your memory, 4096 is the minimum amount of it i found through my tests to not give any
  13. I feel the pain, when i got my 120 GB SSD i could barely fit it into my budget and at that time everything was fine, but after upgrading to 16Gb of ram my storage just dissipated out of nowhere, out of all PC's i had running windows 10 it just kept happening on this one, and after a while i figured out this is actually the problem, i "fixed it" on my end reducing the page file to 4096MB (any lower then this and your just asking for problems at one point), and removing hibernation entirely, i freed up half of my SSD like this.
  14. Sure, for now, but just as with windows 10 after ~1 year the free upgrade program will be officially done (and i know that there are ways to circumvent this but its still better to be safe then sorry). Also grabbing the free upgrade tying the license to my pc/account then reinstalling windows wont even take an hour honestly, i just think of doing it through the insiders program since i will like to do it when i have to install windows anyway not at a later time when they decide to unlock it for my region, that's all.