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  1. Ah, so basically its a different approach (using AI, sharpening and other things) to "Virtual Super Resolution" on AMD's side or the OLD approach of Dynamic Super Resolution, when it comes to NVIDIA, thank you now i get it. I have used resolution scaling in the past, but 21:9 doesn't really have lower resolutions then 2560x1080p, i tried setting custom resolutions while keeping the ratio, doing it for some games in the past but it just wouldn't work, that's why i thought that DLSS might not work either. Good to know that its may not be a completely useless feature for me in the future, now i t
  2. Well i admit english is not my main language, but now that someone (you ) explained it properly i'm finally starting to understand. So basically you set 1080p for example as your resolution activate DLSS and using AI magic it gets close 1440p without actually being 1440p right ? Guess the feature truly is useless for me now and in the future, as i have an ultrawide 2560x1080 resolution, and for 21:9 there's no resolution lower then that to use as a basis. i guess if i ran into an issue at 1080p i could use it with 720p if it can even go that low, but honestly on a RTX2060 and considering i
  3. But can you elaborate please more on how DLSS can be useful for someone like me ? and how its not only geared towards 4k users ?
  4. I don't have them installed right now and downloading them (through the client i mean of course) takes a very long time, and eats away at the cap, so before anything i'd like to now what they do and if i want to test them out.
  5. Hi i was hopping someone might be able to help i tried to read online but i can't seem to properly understand DLSS and more important than that if it can be of any help for me on my Ultrawide 2560x1080 monitor (i have an RTX2060 video card).
  6. Hi i need a good windows program which is used to index data on external HDD's, so i can look them up without actually plugging them, what i need the program to do besides indexing is: 1. To also save in some form or another image thumbnails that are of decent size, so i can inspect them when browsing through the indexed folders. 2. For it to index/scan the text of txt files so i can read some of the descriptions i left in some of the folders. Please help.
  7. Hi i have a gigabyte z170 HD3 DDR3 motherboard, and unfortunately both pcie 1x slots are covered either by the cooler or by the gpu, so my only free slot for adding a usb card was the 2nd pci express slot which is supposedly 4x, i put the usb card in it, it works fine, but will it cripple my rtx 2060 performance?
  8. Thank you all for the great tips, any advices on removing unwanted uwp apps ? Since not all uwp apps are removable by default... With forza coming to steam i'm actually thinking of limiting the whole store app as much as possible since except for some of the basic apps i don't feel like i need anything else.
  9. I doubt the 2070 is cheap, as i also found my RTX 2060 online for almost twice what i payed for it brand new, this is a good time to sell such hardware, but only if you can live without it for 1-2 years (in that window there's bound to be again a period imho when prices get decent again).
  10. So basically i blacklist in my router all of the addresses here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-server-update-services/deploy/2-configure-wsus#211-connection-from-the-wsus-server-to-the-internet correct ?
  11. Hi i have a pc with limited hdd space for which I'm thinking of installing windows 10 but i want the whole update process completely dissabled and to make sure it doesn't revive itself, any advice for this please? As for windows defender is there a way to disable the realtime protection, other then my manual scans i don't want it to do anything. If that's not possible i want to permanently disable it without any chance of it reactivating itself. As for apps is there any good way of getting rid of them without them ever reinstalling or windows installing some begind my b
  12. For web browsing and youtube 1080p videos you can literally get among the cheapest gpus out there and it wouldn't even break a sweat, i have a GT 710 for a build that's made just for videos and web browsing and it serves me fine to this day, never did i felt limited by it.