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  1. Hey guys I built a minecraft server on a Dell R720 I picked up on E-Bay. Anyone want to come try it out with me FTB Revelations 3.40, its MC 1.21 https://discord.gg/9AWJ8HadxQ
  2. I jsut finished building server and figuring out how to set things up. want to join? FTB Revelations 3.40, its MC 1.21
  3. HA I figured out how to get Revelation's 3.40 going! FTB Revelations IP:
  4. Ok slight tweek for some reason the Minecraft software I used won't do the latest version of Revelation's so I switched the mod pack to FTB Beyond. I'm trying to pick a pack for people that want to play something new.
  5. OK Who want to try what I've got so far? I THINK I have a minecraft server up and running with a mod pack and some basic pluggins. If its working I'll add more FTB Revelations IP: Version#3.30 https://discord.gg/EgCCUpentZ
  6. Well I figured out how Hyper-V server works! got like 3 Win 1 instances installed, Ubuntu server and FTP out the wazoo. She's humming away with handbrake setting up streaming to my tv Still no game server setup but I'm learning.
  7. I was thinking it might be time to do Minecraft again Anyone want to make a server with me? The questing is what mod pack? Hardcore Infinity or RL craft?
  8. I can't code to save my life so I don't need perforce. but what games are good to run servers for? I wanted to do satisfactory but its not ready yet
  9. Dell Poweredge R720 3.5" 2x E5-2640 2.5ghz 12-Cores / 64gb / H710 / 2x 495w and 8x 2tb drives in raid 6
  10. So I bought a server mostly to use as a NAS. But its got 64gb of ram and 2x E5-2650v3 cpu's So I was thinking it might be fun to set up a game server or something on it? Ideas? I'm going to load it with Hypervisor so I can have a Win10 Pro Instance and a Cent OS Instance. What do you guys think what would be fun to do with it?