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  1. I have a Corsair one and Whenever my pc restarts it automatically goes into the bios and I get stuck in a loop. I can clear the cmos and it will boot and run normally but whenever I try to update windows I always get stuck in the loop and it can never finish the update. I've tried resetting my bios settings to default, I've reset windows as well but nothing seems to fix the problem. My windows is installed on an m.2 drive and when I get my pc to boot it's there and everything is fine but in the bios it states M2_1: Not Present. I'm pretty lost so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yeah I've already reset my bios settings a couple times but it doesn't seem to fix the problem.
  3. I think it is but I'm not completely sure to be honest. Boot option #1 says UEFI hard disk windows
  4. I've recently been having an issue where my pc will sometimes randomly going into the bios whenever I am starting it up. I'll go to exit and my pc will just shut down for a second and then boot right back into the bios. I can fix it pretty much every time by unplugging the power cable and holding the power button for a few seconds and then going from there but I was hoping to fix the problem because I cant update my windows because of it always going into o bios when I restart. My windows is installed on a M.2 and in the bios I don't think the m.2 is being recognized but in windows I can see i