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  1. That's what I figured but I just wanted to get other people's thoughts on it first because everywhere I looked they all said save the money and just get the 3600 but I already have both cpus so non of that applied to me
  2. So I currently have two PCs one for gaming thats currently r7 3800x and msi armor oc rx570 4g and one for recording streaming thats r5 3600 and evga 1650 ko 4g. And now I have a evga rtx xc gaming 3060 on its way. And im seeing people say don't get a 3800x for a 3060 and save the money and get a r5 3600. But I already have both cpus so should I just keep using the 3800x in my gaming system with the 3060 or swap cpus and go 3600 for gaming and 3800x for recording/streaming. Im replacing the 1650 ko so the rx570 is going into the streaming and recording system. Also I'll be gaming 1080p 144hz. S