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  1. as I said bro, I formatted pc 7 hours ago, everything was gone, updated drivers, I think format is the same with the DDU, still same problem.
  2. did it now. but it is the same, all the settings you said was off, now enabled it. still same, thank u anyway maybe it is hardware issue, I don't know.
  3. also it is my intel drivers. it is up to date
  4. you mean this settings? it sets higher performance
  5. first time , yes I thought it is kind of driver problem, I rolled back drivers also, in the offical page of nvidia, installed oldest drivers, still the same problem remains, didn't find any solution in the google. also I created post in the rededit, they also don't know what is this.
  6. when I disable G-Sync, problem is gone. But I want to use G-SYNC, 3 months ago, it worked well. Yes. whenever i disable it is gone. but with G-Sync screen starts like flickering, I also don't know what is the name of this problem. In all games, the top of screen is rendering at the bottom. 2 years ago I bought this laptop. everything worked perfect, but last three months this problem occured. whenever I disable Gsync feature it is gone.
  7. Hi guys, I have a problem with a G-SYNC, whenever i enable this feature it causes this problem as shown in my Asus GL502vs (gtx1070). Anyone knows how to fix this problem? it happens all games, not only in Cyberpunk 2077, also Death Stranding, even Call of Duty, last year this problem never occured. (all drivers up to date) also i formatted my laptop 2 times, then installed all new drivers. WhatsApp Video 2020-12-21 at 17.00.18.mp4 348814371_WhatsAppVideo2020-12-19at18_21_54.mp4