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    Quackers101 reacted to wkdpaul in (PSA) A warning to YouTube creators, scammers have worked out an almost fool proof method of phishing your account   
    I think you miss the point, he's not putting the blame 100% on Google, but he's pointing out that simple stuff, like obvious UI elements that shows WHO sent the message through their service and the "no-reply" email would help eliminate SOME of the scams and phishing.
    Being on the other side of this, I can tell you it's annoying when you see stuff that is obvious, but that doesn't mean it's obvious for EVERYONE, and any suggestion to help alleviate that should be taken into account, and in this case, having more details on the original sender WILL help.
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    Quackers101 reacted to captain_to_fire in COVID-19 - READ THE RULES BEFORE REPLYING   
    If you’re not afraid of needles like me, always look on how the person administering the vaccine does it. Make sure you can see the vaccine vial, he/she draws the liquid, and advance the plunger to your deltoid muscle. As a patient, you have the right to know what kind of vaccine you’re giving and if they’re doing it right. 
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    Quackers101 reacted to Squeebus in Why is iCue the worst software ever?   
    Well i had iCue uninstalled for the longest time, but the Dark Core whatever whatever you have to use iCue to change the stock DPI to go up because the 3 profiles on it are super low. Like 400, 800 and 1600 and i have to have 6k lol but the dude from tech support said it happened during the firmware update. So their own shite software bricked the mouse trying to shove updates on it.
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    Quackers101 got a reaction from Jaegan in A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?   
    that is so NSFW 😮
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    Quackers101 reacted to Kisai in (PSA) A warning to YouTube creators, scammers have worked out an almost fool proof method of phishing your account   
    This is why "minimizing" names, urls and such forth is such a liability. One of the reasons link shorteners kinda stopped being a thing, because it allowed scams and phishing to not be picked up, and likewise twitter actually retrieves linked data rather than the short link.
    What needs to happen is that the email address should ONLY be shown untill they are in your contact list, not to automatically add people to your contact list. If someone is in your contact list, then change the color and show the full name as YOU entered it on the contact list and which email they contacted you from.
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    Quackers101 reacted to tikker in (PSA) A warning to YouTube creators, scammers have worked out an almost fool proof method of phishing your account   
    I agree that a doctorate doesn't necessarily mean much in this context, but him falling for this doesn't make him stupid either. Being an expert on scams just makes you harder to scam, not immune. He isn't anything less because they got him. The only reason it's always so obvious to us because either you have never been properly scammed, good for you, or you are reading/analysing this as a calm unaffected 3rd party.
    Instead of making it a how-obvious-a-scam-can-you-fall-for pissing contest people should just take this as a lesson that anyone can get scammed at any point no matter who you are. It's a bit scary how good they can get sometimes now. Recently there was an excellent one from our supposed IT department. That did take a minute to process before thinking the "obvious" wait if you're doing this, why do I need to help you do this thing you request?
    Yep, as a scientist you are trained to think in a specific way and it's pretty common to start off thinking too difficult (myself included) to the point where even "square peg goes into the square hole" can be the least obvious thing in the world. In this context I could totally imagine looking for all kinds of fancy ways they could try to masquerade as Google, not find any and then continue without thinking the "why don't they just suspend me / do this themselves?" question.
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    Quackers101 reacted to The Unknown Voice in Microsoft zero-day threat 'SeriousSAM' that needs to be mitigated against.   
    My next windows 10 Pro install for my laptop will be very small, and all of the bloatware will be gone.
    Hopefully, in the next few weeks, if everything goes well.
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    Quackers101 reacted to Kilrah in (PSA) A warning to YouTube creators, scammers have worked out an almost fool proof method of phishing your account   
    Not really, and as seen here some can go to great lengths to make those appear legit. Good recent video on the topic:
    In this case I wouldn't be surprised if it was targeted, some of the scammers he bonked in the past teaming up and going for retaliation. He's hurting their "business" after all so there's definitely a financial incentive to go after him. Plus a pride one since his whole schtick is "I scammed the scammers", I'd imagine wanting to do the same to him must be pretty high on the list for some people and just managing to do it would be enough of a reward already.  
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    Quackers101 reacted to Arika S in (PSA) A warning to YouTube creators, scammers have worked out an almost fool proof method of phishing your account   
    Holy shit, Jim Browning got hit? that must be some solid gold standard social engineering.
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    Quackers101 reacted to Skiiwee29 in Why is iCue the worst software ever?   
    pretty sure its to force people to update/upgrade to newer models and/or lazy developing. 
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    Quackers101 got a reaction from Squeebus in Why is iCue the worst software ever?   
    I see they did update it again, to me it seems like a even worse version again. some people even use the 2.0 (outdated) version too?
    I hate how you enable "dont run at startup" but it still starts with a bunch of background processes and also no saving to hardware.
    I guess they want it to be more and more trashy. Not sure about the amount of toxic data collection (even if you said no to all).
    Might start to use some free open RGB software instead with afterburner and the likes. I guess corsair becomes the RGB company side of apple/facebook? jk.
    using ICUE 3, dont think I had much issues with it. but overall agree it's poo
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    Quackers101 reacted to Alvin853 in Ryzen 7 3700X @ 4.45Mhz & 1.3V??? OPINIONS WANTED   
    Well my 3700X, that is not overclocked, is requesting up to 1.5V from the voltage regulators. But then it's not running at that voltage at all times, rather just for very short bursts, which is why people, that set a fixed voltage for overclocking, don't recommend setting it too high. 1.5V for seconds at a time is not a problem for these chips, 1.5V 24/7 is going to degrade it very quickly. The OP got really lucky with his 3700X though, mine isn't even stable on 4.4GHz single core at 1.4V, so getting 4.45GHz all core stable at 1.3 GHz must be an extremely good quality chip.
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    Quackers101 reacted to Somerandomtechyboi in Ryzen 7 3700X @ 4.45Mhz & 1.3V??? OPINIONS WANTED   
    Ryzens safe volt is 1.4v before it starts degrading for all i know
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    Quackers101 reacted to sterdog in A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?   
    I purchased one. Simple reason. I can buy a Dell XPS 13" with similar specs in Canada for around $2K. Sure, I might get it on sale for $1.6K later this year but today it's over $2K. That's a computer I'll pass off in a year or two and basically be a waste to me. This machine, as I built it, was $1.7K and I have a possible upgrade path. Worst case scenario, I have a computer I'll use for a couple of years that's not a Dell that looks like a Dell/MacBook that saved me a few hundred dollars. 
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    Quackers101 got a reaction from Murasaki in which video are you watching right now?   
    A pilot with patience, avoids another near or full collision in 1999.
    Where it could have been another massive accident with many lives involved.
    With big machines, comes big responsibilites and where one has to fight yourself to stay in the clear of accidents and find out what you need to do. When certain pilots will show their skills or patience in something that can be pushed a lot, sometimes due to meeting quotas and delay is seen as being costly instead of lives on a plane.
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    Quackers101 reacted to Flippern in New PSU and PC not turning on   
    I kinda sorted this out too, i just had to restart my pc then it worked fine again.
    thanks for the help!
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    Quackers101 reacted to Bombastinator in which video are you watching right now?   
    He did.  The thing spins as “electric cars are bad” though. He does say eventually that Electric cars have the same kind of brakes as ICE cars they just have both kinds.  It’s hammocked though.  
    There is a difference between misleading and lying and the misleading here is subtle.  Crap is still crap though. “Contains crap” perhaps?
    for electric only brakes to even happen the law would have to be changed, and I don’t think it will be for a very very long time.  He seems to be lobbying for both “electric cars are bad” and “give us electric only brakes”. Both are desires of some big car companies.
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    Quackers101 reacted to wkdpaul in COVID-19 - READ THE RULES BEFORE REPLYING   
    Someone with the vaccine will fight an infection while it's incubating, meaning they won't be much of a vector. They can still spread the virus, yes, but the R0 will be under 1, and so won't spread much if at all (hundreds of millions are vaccinated now, we do have numbers on this and it pretty much "works").
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    Quackers101 reacted to MrEleventy in A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?   
    Framework Laptop first popped up on my radar a couple of months ago on Adam Savage's channel.
    Check out the vid for a more detailed breakdown. Pretty interesting stuff. I like the direction and wish them success.
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    Quackers101 reacted to YoungBlade in A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?   
    My current laptop is a refurbished HP Probook from 2012 I got for $150. Before that, it was a Gateway T6330u from 2008. This is in no small part because I don't want to invest a decent amount of money in something where, if one part fails, the whole thing is a brick.
    My last modern laptop was an Asus one I bought in 2013. The internal power delivery failed right after it went out of warranty. There's no fix for that. I just had to salvage the RAM and HDD and move on. I went to a desktop and just used my old Gateway (thanks to Linux) when I needed something more portable.
    I'm going to have to do some more research (once their site is back up - GGWP LTT, you broke it!) but if the price is reasonable, I think I'm going to get a modern laptop for the first time in 8 years.
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    Quackers101 reacted to Lurick in A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?   
    Yah, if I understand it right all the parts just use USB Type C interfaces to slot in (at least for the external modules like display port and whatnot) so that should definitely be possible.
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    Quackers101 reacted to HanZie82 in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    Well it's possible its just not in your 'pallette'.
    But good Dutch styled mayonnaise i can almost just eat out of the bottle. It's so nice.
    But then 80% fat, wozers. 😄
    But i say that, because i've met some (more then 5 less then 20) ppl that only had either American or French style Mayonnaise and they absolutely loved the Dutch variant.
    (Its way less vinegary or salty its a more creamy bland taste.)
    I mean the bold sentence i absolutely couldn't make sense of. 😉
    But i understand now. Thank you for clarifying.
    But yes thats why we also have rules about cars and how they should work.
    Cars 5 year and older have to take a yearly test, which included brake power and balance testing. (Tbh i do agree with that).
    And since they made classical cars (25 years or older) not exempt from taxxes anymore you hardly see those anymore either.
    The rules do make it safer, but they do take a lot of the fun out.
    I really hope they can put that back once we all in Cat5 self driving cars. Cus my lord i cant wait.
    No more fucking retards killing their own children by driving over them on the driveway.
    No more stupid dents cus ppl have the spacial awareness of a pealed peanut.
    Seriously with all the deaths, injury's and such anyone that is against the automation of driving is a murderer!
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    Quackers101 reacted to Fasauceome in What is the deal with 64 bit downloads and still get 32 bit software?   
    I can't speak on why a site would offer a 64bit version but you only get a 32 bit version, but there is a certain efficiency in using a 32 bit program. Less overhead.
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    Quackers101 reacted to Jurrunio in What's a tech term you hate?   
    Calling 1440p "2K"