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    Quackers101 got a reaction from akio123008 in whats your true feeling with ADS inserted by youtubers   
    I'm most annoyed when they try to say they like it personally, then going on about not really liking them at a later point.
    more so if they are trying to be genuine, but then switches things around.
    fine if you know its just there for ads, seen that sometimes with LTT sometimes when they do some switching on it.
    their own products can be a very different story in how to handle and since its their own products.
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    Quackers101 reacted to WaggishOhio383 in I factory reset my pc   
    If you factory reset your computer, it should make you log back into your Microsoft account and assign your own password. It doesn't just create its own user account with a random password it doesn't tell you. Not really sure how this happened.
    Your best bet would be to make a USB installer and create a fresh installation that way. No other way you're getting past that password.
    I doubt OP cares about the files on the device if it was already factory reset.
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    Quackers101 got a reaction from Eighjan in DRAM issue with ASUS motherboard (PC wont boot to BIOS)   
    did you buy a new motherboard being the 450 for 5600x?
    Some 450 boards might have support with the latest beta BIOS, but a few of them.
    Else you would need an 550 or 570 board for 5600x.
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    Quackers101 got a reaction from aspectnetic in OpenGL vs. Vulkan   
    then both are fine and use what you prefer.
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    Quackers101 reacted to kelvinhall05 in I want to start soldering. I have questions   
    Those are awful things to learn to solder on. Dense boards, small parts, fine smd joints. You will get frustrated very fast and likely give up.
    Buy some cheap through hole kits from China. Practice on those. Then move to smd practice kits. Once you're comfortable with that, then you can move to DS Lite mobo repairs.
    The 888d is a great choice, nothing wrong with that. Make sure you get some fine leaded solder (I find 0.6mm to be the sweet spot for basically everything). Don't bother with "external" flux until you start doing smd, even cheap Chinese solder has enough flux in it for basically all through hole joints. Extra flux will just be messy and another expense.
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    Quackers101 reacted to MasPras in Is Wall power draw = PSU load capacity   
    Wow, many thanks to all that already contributes to this thread, really appreciate it😊.
     let me clarify few things:
    660 watt that i metioned earlier is wall power draw measured using a device (like power meter that you plug the cable before plug to the wall) on a full running system (usb, fans etc plugged on the machine), with  FTW3 ultra 3080 xoc bios, on a full load ( graphic test 2 time spy, where i saw the highest load/power draw).
    To be honest with xoc bios i do not encounter any error/crash, but i do understand i’m running on a thin line, hence i revert back to using old bios where the peak load (same condition) is at 580-590 watt (wall power draw). 
    if i’m using Spotty/akio explanation before where wall power draw is not equal to psu load due to efficiency ( ive checked this psu efficiency at 100% load is at 88%) i still have a lot of room to run this beast.
    hope it helps fill in some missing info. Again, Many thanks guys 😊
  7. Informative
    Quackers101 got a reaction from aspectnetic in OpenGL vs. Vulkan   
    Not sure how it works, but in some titles you might see a gain in using vulkan.
    Most of the more graphic related is GPU, settings, and the engine used for like that title?
    not all of them might use techniques that are that good for image quality, either if it's use of motion blur, the way of rendering etc.
    to Anti aliasing, most are more of the same but if you find a worse AA then you can go for example into nvidia control panel to add their version?
    not fully sure, and all of the different technniques can perform differently with different quality of image when playing.
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    Quackers101 got a reaction from DimaH98 in New PC build   
    or like this:
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    Quackers101 got a reaction from Avocheeseado in Too Much Power Draw?   
    If you are going to use everything at once, then pushing all that through the extender might be too much.
    It depends, what kind of extender you have and if you should just get another one from another outlet and use that one too.
  10. Funny
    Quackers101 got a reaction from richodude in I spilled water on my Logitech G512 Carbon tactile and now half of the RGB light is off but all key works perfectly   
    If no worky, they should have waterproof keyboards. So I can type underwater.
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    Quackers101 got a reaction from SansVarnic in i think i got hacked on omegle   
    While people online can say and do a lot of bullsh*t, one should take threats like that more seriously. Like the comment above suggests.
    It can sometimes be hard to know online if people are joking or not, but since that is how they have acted it should be treated like a personal threat like if the same was done in IRL.
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    Quackers101 reacted to KRuvikas in Fps decreased in games after changing monitor from 1680x1050 60hz to 1920x1080 144hz   
    i dont have my old monitor anymore i selled it 
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    Quackers101 got a reaction from fpo in Good space games like MOONS OF MADNESS - Humble Bundle   
    But can you feel and taste the moon?
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    Quackers101 got a reaction from richodude in pc specs on pcpartpicker   
    cheaper MB or a 500 series so up can upgrade CPU in the future.
    650W would be nice, but 600 can do too.
    But if you find a higher W for cheaper with a good rating, then more is better
    for coolers, the standard AMD one should do okey or go with an AIO cooler.
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    Quackers101 reacted to SansVarnic in i think i got hacked on omegle   
    Your best bet is to contact the authorities in this matter, unfortunately there is not much we can do to help you with this.
    Not knowing where you are from [Country] it may depend on what authority you will want to call.
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    Quackers101 reacted to AshleyA19 in Idle temps hitting 90-95.5 after couple minutes of use   
    Just the one cable into the cpu header I’m going to try mount it on the front instead of the top see if it makes a difference if not I’ll use a stock cooler for now 
  17. Informative
    Quackers101 reacted to Koopia in Random BSoD errors.   
    I actually had an big server UPS connected to my pc, that didn`t really help, same row of errors
  18. Informative
    Quackers101 reacted to CptGia in No POST after components swap   
    The GPU she gave me was in her pc since yesterday, and it worked. I made the swap in her pc personally. I also tried connecting directly to the mobo without the GPU installed (cpu has integrated graphics), so I'd say it's not the GPU.
    By chirping I just meant normal hard disk noises. Like when they spin up and start seeking.
    The PSU was in my desktop until yesterday and it worked. I also tried to plug the old PSU back, but it didn't change anything.
    I have fiddled a bit with the system powered on by mistake once, but that was after it was already not posting.
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    Quackers101 reacted to iceblade2097 in backups and backup options   
    The easiest is to just install your drives like you normally would and partition it accordingly to your needs.  Every so often just take a glance at how much space you are using.  You can do this in Windows by right clicking on your Windows start button and clicking "disk management".  This will show all your drives and how much is used on each partition.
    I wouldn't recommend forcing a buffer through some program if that is what your are trying to do.  Keeping a glance at disk management every so often will also give you an idea on how much your using on your back ups so you can plan accordingly.
  20. Funny
    Quackers101 got a reaction from CommanderAlex in Would you get a replacement for 1 dead pixel on 1440p monitor?   
    I'm not sure, but I guess it can be some kind of sign.
    But yeah, just send it back until you get one without.
    *sends back 10 times and still getting a screen with a ded pixel*
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    Quackers101 reacted to somer4ndo in Pc parts what should do   
    PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 3.7 GHz 12-Core Processor £601.49 @ Newegg UK CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D15 82.5 CFM CPU Cooler £79.99 @ CCL Computers Motherboard Asus ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING ATX AM4 Motherboard £161.40 @ Alza Memory G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory £107.73 @ Newegg UK Video Card EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 10 GB XC3 BLACK GAMING Video Card £742.67 @ Overclockers.co.uk Case Fractal Design Meshify S2 ATX Mid Tower Case £149.99 @ Amazon UK Power Supply Corsair HXi 850 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply £179.99 @ Amazon UK   Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts     Total £2023.26   Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-12-28 22:39 GMT+0000   OK, this is the final build, I went a little over budget, but prices are higher than normal right now, and at this price point, I don't believe 23 pounds to be too bad, though budget cuts can certainly be made.
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    Quackers101 got a reaction from CommanderAlex in When should I buy a new computer?   
    If all go smooth in the tech world new features might be around the corner, or it could be some years to.
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    Quackers101 got a reaction from Coolmaster in When should I buy a new computer?   
    If all go smooth in the tech world new features might be around the corner, or it could be some years to.
  24. Informative
    Quackers101 got a reaction from LTSU in New PC   
    You could likely find better ram with lower CL or going higher in GB.
    Right now, it might look good?
    don't know how good the airflow is in that case though, and using stock cooler? You need that air for it.
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    Quackers101 reacted to iceblade2097 in backups and backup options   
    Acronis True Image is very user friendly.  It allows tons of options to customize your back up.  Though personally I am not a fan of their customer service.  They offer both a stand alone license which is good for that version or a subscription.  Be careful if you do the subscription and plan on renewing before your time is up as not all your time remaining may or may not roll over depending if you are renewing for the same level of subscription or not.
    To use my case for example.  I had the Advanced subscription for 5 computers 1 year subscription with 500 GB of cloud storage over the holidays the Premium subscription for 5 computers, 1 year, 1 TB cloud storage  was discounted cheaper than what I had purchased the advanced for.  I had 7 months left on the advanced subscription.  I spoke to a rep who said all the time would roll over.
    After purchase only 5 months of the 7 months remaining rolled over.  Spoke to a different rep who informed me they pro rate they plans if you are going up or down.  I was unable to find anywhere on their site that mentioned it was pro rated when switching plans.  You also aren't given the option to use up your first subscription then apply the new one.
    Other than that the software is probably one of the more full featured you will find even offers ransom ware protection which they claim does not conflict your anti virus ransomware protection.  I have found their ransomware protection a bit over zealous at times if you go through your outlook messages too fast it sometimes flags it as a ransomware attempt from outlook just syncing to keep up.  Acronis offers one of the most full fledged FAQ and option descriptions I have seen.
    As for the built in back up in Windows 10 it uses file history since windows 8.  I haven't personally used it but its pretty straight forward for backing up your files.  Its free and built in which are nice though I didn't see an options for the following, encryption, or compressing your back ups.  Also note you have to check your action center to see if an error occurred during the back up instead of a nice outlook email with a log. From what I can tell there is not a backup verification either.
    As for alternatives to Acronis, Aomei and EASE US have gotten decent reviews and offer life time upgrades on a single license.  Though I had a hard time finding information on the those two companies.