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    i7 6700 - 5600X
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    Mi casa, no casa?
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    Fast as speed boiii
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    GTX 1080
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    Mini, mine, mooooooo
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    All types, all in space
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    Air to water, is like my father
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    Steelseries Apex 7
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    Cors Air
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    windows 69

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  1. the old 90's to 2000's keyboards from offices. the gameboy/handheld era to the era of starcraft to LOL tournaments to CSGO, becoming such a big side of E-sport.
  2. DDR5 with ECC but yes, any error is going to be costly. Get that ECC protection on you.
  3. when you are using multiple services from google that sometimes does the same or holds the same power, its easy to accept or want it like a part of your own ecosystem. but I assume this action means that since they didn't go DuckGoGo, that their company is suffering and might have to switch away from firefox.
  4. while its a bit weird, nice moments and some fun action scenes. a bit much or too long for some.
  5. a few big players and like netflix, having horrible options with their video players. Want a good quality resolution? want the subtitles you want? the text you want and scale? naah. Steam's video player was quite good with this, but had quite some bugs to crashes. But they kinda ripped the video player part on steam.
  6. hub? oh god, anything you know about the situation? Also about laptops, that is why I wish laptops could have more "spill resistance". some have open holes all around and just a small amount of liquid... boom gone in smoke.
  7. depends on the dongle a lot of dongles are so small and overheat, but can be a quick and sometimes easy solution. PCIE cards can be better and get included strenghts like antennas, but can have more issues with compatibility (updating firmware etc) while less of a need for USB dongle software. sadly the PCIE card could take up more space than it needs... also if your motherboard has space for it, some smaller ITX MBs with big GPUs might be in the way. also see if there is PCIE 3.0 or 4.0 issues between gen for PCIE, that you often get more stuff too like bluetooth. (just get t
  8. chainsaw man, dont know if the title brings what it wants to be. But at least short and somewhat about what it is about? As the religious aspects to control and god like powers, seems fun and if they can bring it well into the world. But hope the world got some weight to it, as they could easily just kill off characters way too quickly or creating a mess. Or to just make the focus the darker things rather than any character building. But what I don't get is why people rate Tokyo Revengers so high, like the first 10 episodes or so were not great and kinda awful at times but a f
  9. that you need firmware/hardware, as the physical stuff to use it.
  10. you don't need to use M.2 for OS as the youtubers often wants you to do. Although some motherboards nearly seems to have it mandatory if plugging in an M.2 to boot from it first? (not sure if changed from that). Always nice to have backup or backup options. 1050ti? nice but yes, not that high for gaming. with the prices, often not worth to upgrade but maybe 3060 or ti could be a decent upgrade when the prices are better. Also wait for DDR5 or go with DDR4? DDR5 might take a while to stabilize in performance, voltage issues, heat and support to cost. Mor
  11. some that are an issue from the meat industry. as some in the meat industry wants to jump the trend with AWFUL products and just having the claim of "it's vegan tho". Some other ones and sometimes smaller in the industry, are trying a lot more to get a quality product out with good taste. Not sure about the life span, but often freezed and it's good. To such a mix in content, when are one not able to know what you are served which is a somewhat of an issue going away from raw/original produce.
  12. So if it's a veggie burger that doesn't "try" to be like meat, but as a burger, how does that go for your food selection? Also it shouldn't be so bad, to have more mushroom options? even if it's trying to be like bacon or just looks like one. Which this one does, it just looks more like it, not really trying to "be" one. Just how we can see, that it can be used like one. While I do want to agree to a degree, there is some parts that meat are just useless and using more resources than they need and costing YOU more money in the expensive business of having meat. (some taxes
  13. both veggies and meat have their issues, both can be deadly or cause problems. One can state that meat, has their own amount of problems which veggies dont. as for healthy, both have their own fatty acids that are good for you, but in different amounts. a big problem today, more people are eating MORE meat AND doing LESS. also how we are getting better options at least in first world countries, in what we can supply ourselves with or adapt to eat or use instead of meat at times. As meat can be heavy for the body as a diet, but can be very good at making you le
  14. yeah it's not fully needed if your current version is stable. Like you and they say, there is a big risk every time one tries to do it. Sometimes it just goes smoothly, also if one have done it before on that system, but the files could be bad or the newer version being unstable/issues. Also they might state some big updates on their newer releases and just got to look into if any of them are any worth for or is recommended. Could be that in the future you might want to (security etc), but you might be just fine currently.
  15. think it was still a bit slow and much resources on it. and want it to be fully theirs. So since AMD can provide a bit outside of what the others might offer, that a ryzen CPU might not look too bad.