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  1. It definitely can lower contrast. I've had a lot of dusty lenses.
  2. If you're handy with basic tools at all there are a ton of old primes from different brands you can use on modern cameras.
  3. I really like Tamron's new stuff. Their 15-30 g2 is supposed to be really nice. I'm a Nikon shooter so I cant compare against Sony but I like the image stabilization in Tamron lenses more than Nikon. If you want to go for high resolution and landscape fast primes typically have better corner sharpness. You do have to zoom with your feet though. Zeiss makes a really good 35mm f2. The 21 2.8 is a go to for me for landscapes. Even their last generation is awesome and you can get it for cheap.
  4. If its on the rear element your contrast might lower. On the front you wont notice.
  5. My girlfriend mini is full again so I need to swap in another ssd. I bought a converter to use standard m.2 ssds instead of apples proprietary ones. It gets good reviews. Does anyone have experience with these converters? Will transfer speed be limited? I bought two in accident. A 1tb xlr8 cs3030 and a 1tb wd blue. She moves a lot of 24mp pictures so faster would be better, but I don't know if the adapter or the age of the pc will limit transfer rates. If you answer this all your wildest dreams will come true.
  6. HI. Someone is selling a Denon e400 locally. It's a 7.1 channel 2013 model and supports DD+. I plan on running a lg b8s sound to it through an optical cable. I'm wondering if atmos will work with any receiver running DD+. If so how does the sound quality compare to Atmos over hdmi? Can I use my receiver to do a 5.1.2 configuration?
  7. Hi I have a lg g8 oled coming next Wednesday. It's going in my living room. I want to use my computer in my office as a server and I plan on using lg web os 4.0 to run movies from my computer to my tv. I'm running a 6700k with no gpu right now. I also have some Netgear Pl 2000 powerlines coming in so I don't think speed should be a problem. I'm wondering which would be better for hdr. I've read conflicting information that there are problems with hdr on both plex and steam. I'd appreciate any suggestions even if they are alternatives. Thank you.
  8. Hey people. I'm making a tiny pc. Its going to be about three inches tall. Please don't judge me for asking this. Would taking off stock intel cpu cooler fan and putting a 120mm fan about a half inch to an inch above the heat sink be enough to cool it? Im using a 35 watt cpu. I'm running a pico psu and an ssd.
  9. Thanks for your response. I’ll leave it in there.
  10. There's a lot of pins, but I know I could get it off.