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  1. Agree
    Cuwee reacted to yaboistar in Mount fans on outside of the case?   
    my honest suggestion is to not bother
  2. Informative
    Cuwee reacted to Digideath in WiFi Connection issue.   
    I don't know about the people on here. They would probably recomend wired. But for me, ive been using the following wifi card in a few rigs that ive built for people. It ticks all the boxes. Its fast and it just works the way its supposed to.

  3. Like
    Cuwee reacted to brob in CPU Advice   
    It really comes down to wanting to spend the money for a new cpu. Don't forget to factor in cpu cooling.
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    Cuwee reacted to Nena Trinity in CPU Advice   
    8700 is fine why upgrade? But if you want to aim for 8-cores or more.
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    Cuwee reacted to pannedandcanned in CPU Advice   
    The i7 8700 is a perfectly fine cpu, especially at your budget. Just stick with it and get a new motherboard, unless you want more cores.