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  1. I'm not very good with stuff like this so I can't figure out what's a normal Windows error and what's important
  2. Yeah I can game fine, it's just with capturing stuff. I'll reinstall Discord and see if it still crashes it, although I doubt it'll work as OBS crashes it as well edit: yeah it still crashes it after a reinstall
  3. Yeah everything is fine after it reboots. I've DDU'd the drivers before for a previous issue, I'll do it again here soon. Temps are fine and I'm not overclocking anything. I'll run a stress test and make sure everything is fine. Thanks! CPU test:
  4. Hi there, I have this weird issue where my entire system will crash and reboot. Whenever I have Doom Eternal open and I try to screenshare on Discord, or record with OBS, my entire system will crash and reboot. Even if OBS is just open and not even recording it still crashes. My system was a prebuilt that I upgraded the GPU from an rx5600xt to a 2070. The specs are Ryzen 5 3600, ASRock b550am Gaming, 8g 2667mghz (x2), an rtx 2070, and an EVGA 650w 80plus gold PSU. I'm on the latest drivers from nvidia and my windows is up to date. Whenever the system crashes, the audio will glitch out for a se
  5. No I have not. The system just blackscreened about 3 times in the past hour or so.
  6. It just failed again and now there's a slight whining noise from what I think is my GPU. EDIT: It's not my gpu, the fans aren't currently spinning and I still hear it.
  7. No, unfortunately I have basically 0 other spare components. Oh really? I only started seeing them once I swapped my new GPU in.
  8. It’s an EVGA 600 GD (600w). Another thing I've noticed is that while my system is booting, the top two red lights on my motherboard are lit up for a few seconds. It looks like the text next to the lights says cpu and the other one says DRAM or VRAM, I can't tell. I have an asrock b550am gaming motherboard.
  9. System just blackscreened again minutes ago. I don't think this is a driver issue.
  10. Ok thank you, I'll find a tutorial on youtube on how to do this. This is a bit of a stupid question, but will my system run fine once i boot it up again with no drivers before re-installing them? EDIT: I just performed the process and everything seems to be fine. The only thing is that I only wiped the AMD drivers, as I couldn't find an option to wipe both. Should I perform the process again for the Nvidia drivers? EDIT 2: One of my games said there was an issue with drivers, so i wiped the Nvidia drivers and reinstalled them. The game is working fine now.
  11. I'm not sure the exact model, I'll open it up later and have a check.
  12. I have the latest game-ready drivers. I never used a software like DDU to uninstall the old AMD drivers when I upgraded. Could that be the issue? Also I believe the GPU was purchased new.
  13. Hi there! I have a prebuilt system that I upgraded the GPU in. I swapped an rx5600xt for an rtx 2070 (msi tri frozr). I have a ryzen 5 3600, 16g ram, and a 650w PSU. The system has been running fine since late december, but sometimes both of my monitors will shut off, my game will freeze until it turns back on, and my taskbar on my right monitor turns completely black. ( i can still see the app icons, it just doesnt match the color on my main monitor anymore) I've done some research, and a 650w PSU seems to be fine for a 2070, but I've heard from other places that you should go overkill o
  14. Is this the correct download? Also, will my Radeon software stay on my computer once I complete the steps you said above? If not, how do I download the drivers again?
  15. Hey! I'm new here! I couldn't find a better spot to post this, so I'm sorry if this isn't the correct place. I have a pre-built PC, here's the BestBuy page for it: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-gamer-master-gaming-desktop-amd-ryzen-5-3600-16gb-memory-amd-radeon-rx-5600-xt-1tb-hdd-500gb-ssd/6400451.p?skuId=6400451 Today, my system has failed 3 times. Basically what happens is both of my monitors shut off for a second, and my Radeon software will inform me that my system failed and that Radeon WattMan settings have been restored. This has happened 3 times today