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  1. I have latest drivers but I don't understand why its not working
  2. I am looking for anyone that is good with gpus and cpus from 2010's like 2nd gen and 3rd gen intel and 600 series Nvidia gpus Because I have a 3225 in my rig right now and I wanna go down to 2nd gen i5 2400 because it's a 4 core 4 thread cpu vs i3 3225 with 2 core 4 threads Because when I put 2400 in motherboard the socket my gtx 670 won't show picture but integrated graphics are working with i5 2400 could gpu bios be outta for windows 10 ? I need help i have a asus p8z77-v deluxe and a 3rd gen cpu and I wanna put in a 2nd gen if u ask y go down a gen is