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  1. So i think i am gonna buy FH4. I try the demo and get 50-70fps with ultra preset, but the game is half the storage of the full version. Will i get lower fps on the full version?
  2. So i just update my windows to 20H2 and i have in my C drive "Windows.old" and i am wondering can I deleted it?
  3. So i bought COD MW REMASTERED before a week and when i tried first the loading time was around 1-1 and half min and with every mission its gettion longer. Can i fix it?
  4. So i have a Forza Horizon 3, but when i start the game i have so many fps drop first sec- 100 fps, second sec- 3 fps, third sec- 5 fps, etc. And the weirdest part is that I cover the minimum system req. specs: i5 2500 r9 380 4gb 8 gb ram My game setting: lowest 720p Can someone tell me whats wrong
  5. So i wake up and turn my pc on and say blue dead screen and the error:INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. I watch a video and fix it, but what cause that error. Hardware or Softoware pc: i5 2500 r9 380 160 gb ssd 240 gb hdd 550w psu 8gb ram
  6. So when i play Far cry 5 without ms teams it run very well, but if ms teams is in the background every 3 second i have fps drops. specs:i5 2500 8 gb ram r9 380 4gb