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    TomvanWijnen got a reaction from AzzaNezz in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    So? I won't move just because graphics cards are a little cheaper elsewhere, so the prices here are the only prices that matter to me.
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    TomvanWijnen got a reaction from Derkoli in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    lol yeah, we'll know to eliminate the stupid drivers.
    Then that's probably just an American thing. Fits in with how many of them appear on the internet. Seems that the many jokes we make about Americans are more true than we thought they were.
    No. You can't cycle in parks, nor can you cycle in a swimming pool. Not everyone wants to swim, or always wants to swim. Cycling indoors is definitely very different from outside. It's fun for some people, but others like being outside much more.
    Also, cycling isn't just for fun. Cycling is also a good method of transportation. When I didn't yet go to university, I always cycled to school. There was no alternative. And that is a good thing, as people should be encouraged to cycle, instead of wasting fuel and adding to environmental issues.
    And, "my roads", lol they aren't your roads, they're for everyone who's legally allowed to be there. They're also for pedestrians crossing/walking.
    Where I live, those people are less than 0.001% of the cyclists I see. When I'm on holidays in France or Germany, those people are still less than 0.001% of the cyclists I see.
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    TomvanWijnen got a reaction from Sagely Hijinks in Very small (1/8-1/4") bars at the side/top of both my monitors   
    After looking at some pictures of other people with these displays, that does indeed seem to be the edge of the display, unfortunately. They make it this way so people can get fooled into thinking the bezels are smaller than they actually are.
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to Stahlmann in Post your daily carry?   
    Also the chart is "per 100.000 population", so already accounting for the fact that the some states have more citizens than others.
    But hey, that's freedom i guess. (Or whatever lie they tell to themself to feel better about it) Somehow in the US gun law is directly correlated with freedom from what it sounds like. I feel lucky we germans aren't free then...
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to GhostRoadieBL in Post your daily carry?   
    So 10x the population accounts for >300x the mass shootings in a single year? 
    Even the idea you guys are being this defensive over a well known, statisticaly verifiable FACT that Canadians kill each other less than Americans. Even with easier access to guns, highly populated and diverse cultural towns just means this will circle endlessly.
    I'm bowing out to go enjoy my unlocked doors and get smiled at and say hi to the strangers I cross by never having to think they will shoot me. 
    Honestly, after covid ends travel to canada and see what a relaxed life feels like before claiming we have the same problem as the states. 
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to Stahlmann in Post your daily carry?   
    Wow, never thought so many people carry guns or knives around. I mostly just have my wallet, phone and keys.
    If you need a weapon to feel safe outside, either you live in the wrong neighbourhood or you're just plain paranoid imo...
    Maybe i'm just spoiled by living in germany and well away from any cities, so the worst thing that could happen to me outside is an insect bite
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to LAwLz in Hiring age of subway?   
    I strongly recommend you do not try and get a job even if it is legal. Focus on school and having fun instead. You'll have around 40 years of work ahead of you anyway, and once you become an adult you'll really miss the time when you didn't have to work. 
    Besides, even if you did somehow get a job at subway, the salary would be terrible. Not to mention all the laws surrounding employing children. I really don't think you would get the job even if it was legal. 
    In any case, in Australia an employer with permit can employ people as young as 13 years old. If the employer doesn't have a permit then the minimum age is 15.
    There are separate rules for delivery jobs (like news papers) and entertainment (like child actors) but that shouldn't apply here. 
    There are also strict regulations on when and for how long a child is allowed to work. 
    You can find more info about it on this site:
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to Fasauceome in Old Thermal paste   
    yeah it would be fine.
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    TomvanWijnen got a reaction from trzasku in Will the Windows installed on my old SSD interfere with the windows I install on my new SSD?   
    Nope. It's just fine. I recommend unplugging all drives that aren't the drive you're actually installing Windows one, so you're sure nothing important accidentally gets installed on one of the other drives.
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to yaboistar in What is happening and why ??   
    either the display cable has come partially unplugged at either end, has broken in the middle or your display's onboard circuity has called it quits. In any case, the rest of the laptop seems to be coming up properly. i have to wonder whether those who are complaining about the noise have ever used an optical drive in their lives becuase even laptop ones sure as hell ain't silent
    as mentioned above, slap an external display onto it and you should be able to get something out of it. you can then start looking for spares (i advise stripping the screen down and getting the model number off the back of the screen to search for spares or compatible parts with). at that point you can then decide whether the price to replace it is worth keeping the laptop and replacing the display or getting another laptop.
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to aisle9 in Help needed to upgrade my very old PC   
    The absolute best CPU would be a Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.4GHz, but that would be an insane amount of money. Your best bet is just to find any other 800 MHz LGA 775 Pentium 4 in an e-waste BIN and see if it works.
    It uses DDR RAM rated up to 400 MHz, so, again, e-waste.
    It has a PCI-E x16 slot, so RTX 3090 I guess.
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    TomvanWijnen got a reaction from w33dhit in Want windows 7 on my maximus x hero with i9 9900k   
    When I went from Z77 + i7 3770k to a Z170 + i7 6700k, I changed two registery keys (forgot which, found it online though), and just popped it in... booted first time I believe. I did run into some issues, but some ended up being fixed by updating the bios, and I assume not having installed all drivers 5 years ago would help too. So if you have a second, older computer. install Windows 7 on the drive you're intending to use there, DON'T install any drivers, DO download the USB and Networking drivers and put them somewhere on the drive, flip those two registery swtiches, and when done pop the drive into your newer system.  Good luck!
    Regards, a fellow Windows 7 lover, who is still inconvenienced by many of Windows 10's flaws, but was practically forced to move.
    EDIT: this is not what I did, but this might work too (perhaps better even): https://www.howtogeek.com/239815/why-cant-you-move-a-windows-installation-to-another-computer/
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    TomvanWijnen got a reaction from Garfieldthe cat in My friends monitor goes uh oh and idk why it blinks or shows this   
    Well, presumably, you have a monitor connected to the motherboard displayport port, and a graphics card installed. Conmect the displayport cable to the graphics card instead, it should then work. 
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to pipnina in I saved up $1000+, but parents still won't let me get a gaming PC.   
    I won't argue with you any more except that you both have very american attitudes. The US is one of the easiest countries in the world to move out of your parents in in the world.
    20% of 18-35 live with their parents in the US. More than 35% in the UK, 40%+ in germany, higher in other countries. Clearly it's not easy.
    You can also recognise the fire under the pan whether you're the egg being cooked, the stove, or the high af human anthropomorphizing kitchen items.
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to pipnina in I saved up $1000+, but parents still won't let me get a gaming PC.   
    Around the world, people live with their parents now increasingly into their 30s, even in long term full-time employment.
    A house you live in, even with your parents, doesn't necessarily mean their rules. It means a healthy compromise is needed or every party gets majorly ticked off.
    Moving out from your parent's isn't the walk in the park it used to be, boomers.
    Talking to genz as the generation of entitlement when the post-war boom has most definitely ended, and the #1 route to home ownership for young people in the UK is through inheritance, the "move out if you don't like it" rhetoric is definitely showing it's age.
    For the record, I don't think I'd be a great parent. Which is why I don't intend to become one until such a time (if that time comes) where I feel like I could be one. Certainly however, I'd think I'd be one good enough to at least try and mediate these kinds of disputes instead of escalating them.
    Do I know if op is spoiled? No. Do I know their parents are bad? No. But I recognize their situation and disagree with it generally. Don't need to be a parent to recognize bad parenting.
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to TetraSky in OnePlus erases data from phones running Open Beta   
    If you run beta software, expect issues like these...
    But honestly, I still don't understand why the OS and your personal files (images/videos) are not separated on Android.
    Wipe the OS(and other apps installed), but keep the files in your personal stuff safe... It shouldn't be that hard to code. Even more so with beta firmwares where things can get buggy and require a format.
    Even on Windows, MS figured it out (somewhat, still buggy, is not a perfect wipe and driver issues may persist) with their reset feature that basically keeps your User folder intact.
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to DJ46 in Made my own wooden pc case   
    I used a wooden case (with a metal motherboard tray) for years. People always say the PC will burn, but you could happily make a case out of paper/cardboard and run it for as long as you wanted.
    The only time a computer case of mine felt warm to the touch was when I had an ITX gaming rig with a plastic top panel blocking some of the GPU exhaust. That is still tens of degrees bellow the temperatures of the components (touching something heated to 50°C is enough to cause you pain).
    If you have decent airflow, the case won't even get warm. If it gets hot enough to ignite, something else went terribly wrong and even a metal case wouldn't have saved you.
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to PeachGr in Oculus Quest sponsored video Why?   
    they are a company with people to pay .
    Also hate for Facebook means nothing .
    FB is a group that has many companies that you use, those are whatsapp, facebook, instagram, oculus and a few more.
    If you like tech you can't do with hate for one or another company
    I mean really? what did you expect? to deny that oculus exists?
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Youtube Ads - I Kind of Miss Cable   
    The worst thing YouTube has done recently in terms of ads is placing them right before a video ends or a few seconds after the video begins.
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to BuckGup in Very sad day   
    Quick question, why did you pawn it instead of sell it on craigslist, facebook market place, letgo, or eBay? I get you probably needed the money instantly but you could have sold it for probably $1300 the same day on one of these websites. Also apply for that unemployment 
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    TomvanWijnen got a reaction from DJ46 in Can we have an option to use the previous theme please?   
    I do actually think that that was better. I also tried going to a thread (the thread from Bengali), and while I'm not entirely sure if it's loading correctly (images are missing, so I'm not sure if anything else is missing too), I think I like that more too.
    One specific suggestion, that the old old forum did have: the time of posts doesn't show. For that thread, it just says "Posted January 4, 2013", while the old old forum shows this: "Posted 03 January 2013 - 11:06 AM", which I much prefer. Even when it says "Posted 46 minutes ago", I think it would be great if it were to be expanded to "Posted 46 minutes ago, at 11:22 PM", or something similar. [EDIT: The time can already be seen by hovering your mouse above it on desktops, but that unfortunately doesn't work when you can't use a mouse, such as on your phone. And even so, I think this would be more convenient anyways.]
    Another suggestion: would it be possible to widen the typing box on mobile? It's a bit narrow, I think. There's nearly a centimeter between the edge of my screen and actual text, on each side.
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    TomvanWijnen got a reaction from TempestCatto in Can we have an option to use the previous theme please?   
    Whoops, I thought about it, but then still forgot to add that part into my post. I edited it in now. I'll quote what I edited in here too, for convenience:
    "The time can already be seen by hovering your mouse above it on desktops, but that unfortunately doesn't work when you can't use a mouse, such as on your phone. And even so, I think this would be more convenient anyways."
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to Meiyer in Windows icons problem.   
    I solved the issue. 
    If you're interested how,
    > go to display settings
    > select "make everything bigger"
    > choose any value that's greater than 100% 
    > restart pc
    > go back to default size
    This solved my problem.
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to mikestrong88 in Moving into a property with only 11 Mb/s - UK Help?   
    I actually work for one of the above named companies. The issue is that open reach look after all the infrastructure other than virgin. So no matter who you go with, it's the same speed as its the exact same lines. Just the bill is a different name. 
    The only alternative to that is FTTP broadband that only really BT and Zen provide, but that's still pretty rare in the UK. Its more rural areas or brand new builds that are getting it. 
    If you want to DM me the full address, I'll check my work systems and see what is available for you so I can give you a definitive answer? 
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    TomvanWijnen reacted to TempestCatto in Can we have an option to use the previous theme please?   
    For me, I'm more apt to looking at a user's profile pic and name. So having the OP badge on the same side as that makes much more sense to me, rather than having to actually look for it. All of the other info about a user is right there, why move the OP badge away from that? It's senseless to me.