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  1. That lian li looks like it could be great... put 3 intakes on the back 3 on bottom and put exhausts up top.... might just have to re case my pc ty for showing me that!
  2. The changes I made plus slightly upping fan curve has the Hotspot maxing at 88.7 on my most recent run. Gpu maxed at 78.2 which is fine. Gpu previously was in 80's. The 95-105 range limit I could have misinterpreted for the gpu I guess, I was searching for Hotspot max range when I was looking into and got that range multiple times. Either way figured better safe then sorry so if it was approaching 95 I figured should try to get it lower if I can.
  3. It has a psu with triangle holes as a pattern but no screw holes. There's a chance a screw might be able to be forced through one so I could try that... but if it doesn't Line up with other holes in pattern it may not be able to have more then one screw down Could zip tie it maybe? Worth trying?
  4. Everything I've read says putting a intake by a exhaust on top is counterproductive as the exhaust just pulls the air back out, not saying it's entirely accurate... just what I've read on the subject. Side is tempered glass so side fan is nogo... not mentioning wouldn't be clearance for it
  5. Ty for the help. I lowered the bottom fan and removed the 1 top. Just have no where to move it to in this case so just removed from system. I'm not confident enough to dismantle a gpu myself so deshrouding is a bit out of my wheelhouse. From what I understand replacing the thermal pads with better ones and putting a better thermal compound on the chip can also help.... just worried I'd destroy the card.
  6. Ty I'll try that. The front only holds 2 140mm fans so I'll just disable the one up top since I don't think it's prob a good idea to have a fan shooting air straight into gpu fans?
  7. So I run a 5950x with a noctuah dh15 .and a 3080 ti in a be quiet purebase 500dx. So for the most part my pc does ok. Haven't had issues yet. The one concern I've run into is when I run cyberpunk(and I imagine any other game with high graphical fidelity) hwinfo has my gpu Hotspot at 90 or 91(highest reading was 91.8), which is in spec... but closer to the max temp then I'd like (my reading says its somewhere 95-105). I've tried a slightly more aggressive fan curve and it took me down to high 80's low 90's. Is there much more I can do to help lower Temps with air cooling? The fans I
  8. Same card, I crash as well. If you read breadcrumbs in the send report log the finished ones always stop right before lighting