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  1. Agree
    Vanjakaa reacted to Teddy07 in Unpopular Tech Opinions   
    People asking for tech advice but are not actually interested in your answer because they only seek conformation of their choice.
  2. Agree
    Vanjakaa reacted to seon123 in Unpopular Tech Opinions   
    Silence should be more valued than low temperatures. I don't care if my R9 280 runs at 85C or 25C. What I do care about is how loud it is.
  3. Agree
    Vanjakaa got a reaction from TheGlenlivet in Changing my cpu fan to a cpu cooler   
    Yeah that's kinda what I figured. Guess I'm gonna have to wait to get more money to buy a bigger case
  4. Funny
    Vanjakaa got a reaction from Dedayog in Please Help Upgrading my pc because its super loud and warm   
    Ah yes, I realise that it moves heat around faster, but English isn't my first language so explaining exactly what I want is a struggle :P. And yes, it gets very cold here so rooms are hot and having a very hot pc as well doesn't go along well. We just live out in the snow under the trees. Got my desktop near an anthill, fun having friends.