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  1. So i turned on my pc and none of my ports work (changed keyboards and mices) i can even open the biost both the motherboard ports and the ai ones dont work with anything what can cause the issue to computer it self worked a few months perfectly and is build oout of high quality components, my guess is aither the motheboard but i dont think so it wasnt overcloackled or anything or the psu wich botch of these are peaty good and didnt work on full load wich seems weird, the connection with the cables seem fine pls help guys.
  2. Natax

    Forge server

    it aint work i made a folder i cpuld p[ost th e logs but i am not sure if they have any personal info
  3. Natax

    Forge server

    the server works but i can add mods i got the folder at mc but not at seraver mc
  4. Natax

    Forge server

    i have done everthing but there is no mod folder
  5. Natax

    Forge server

    Forge server, pls help i want to make a mod server and i dont have a mod folder
  6. idk my samsung 980 evo i think is running like 55 sorry if i lie rn
  7. -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius average like 60 or so
  8. so probobly the ssd wont crash i run ao cooling on my personal computer for a year and had no problems aither
  9. idk, maybe but acctualy ssd will run faster on higher temperatures like 60 celcius
  10. I run an ssd for over a fiew years now all day and all night lond (at night the pc is on sleep mode) and i have no problems.