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  1. Good news — no pwnage found! No breached accounts and no pastes (subscribe to search sensitive breaches)
  2. Years ago my Yahoo account was hacked still many years later no joy getting it back tried all my passwords and no luck ... its asking when did i last have a honeymoon .... ive never been married lol .. there is a way round it but yahoo charges and i cannot find much info about my account .... there is very important email backup there i need .... can anyone help please
  3. Hoping to get to run 4.4 or better for this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tplink.iot&hl=en_GB&gl=US would be brill if it could run under 4.1 but sadly it does not
  4. Im wondering if this can be upgraded to anything Later than android 4.0 .... i know its old but i was given it for free and its in amazing condition for its age
  5. Ive been given this Mini Laptop for free with other computer stuff and gadgets all works apart from 2 Dell Laptops which are old .... I have this laptop on XP im wondering if it work well with Windows 10 with 2 gig Max memory not too sure on hard drive though i think its 60 gig Max maybe limited but its better than nothing when browsing also battery life is questionable HP Compaq Mini 702EA is an ultra slender netbook, sensibly-scaled for travel, routine computing and multimedia tasks. Compaq laptops are normally known for producing desktop replacement machines but Compaq M
  6. Finally a place that i get reply's lol ... Computer help places on Facebook were useless no replys what so ever Thanks Lunis
  7. Im wondering how many people hate the New YOUTUBE which a lot of Features that we love have gone I have found several extensions https://addons.opera.com/en-gb/extensions/details/youtube-design-preserver/ https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/good-old-youtube/klkejolkjcefmocpgpjiefbpmgofahmh?hl=en Both Extensions No Longer worked in the last week or so and many people are wondering when is there a update Im wondering if anyone know any other extensions that work