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    Don Loong II reacted to SupaKomputa in New SSD not showing up   
    Do you have windows installer in hand?
    Why don't you just skip the cloning since your HDD is far bigger than the SSD, you would need to backup everything on that drive, which takes longer time than it's worth.
    Go ahead download windows 10 installer in MS website.
    Install RUFUS, plug an 8GB thumbdrive to make the installer.
    Shutdown and unplug the old HDD, boot with the thumbdrive plugged.
    Go through the installation and see if the ssd listed in drive option.
    After installation completed, shutdown and replug the old HDD.
    Select the SSD as the main boot drive.
    Now you have 2 windows, you can choose to delete the old one, but you can also keep it for backup, if ever the new one crashed / have problems.
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    Don Loong II reacted to Quackers101 in Need help upgrading   
    the only issue you might have is the right power cables.
    But that might not be the issue, only the version of the PSU might be. Else so long you have an PSU with the common power cable for that SSD/HDD and SATA cable (SSD not HDD?). It should "just work", also you already have some storage and there shouldn't be much reason as for why you can't add more. If you had more GPU and CPU power draw or more plugged into the system, then it could be worse, but storage is not the first thing to really care about.
    If the PSU is not up to the task, that would be more of a concern and if it would be a fire hazard or destroy some components.
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    Don Loong II reacted to flashiling in Need help upgrading   
    usually your storage devices aren't drawing an insane amount of power, so unless you're already doing daily coinflips with whether or not you get enough power to your system then i don't think you'll have issues
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    Don Loong II reacted to DaJakerBoss in Need help upgrading   
    not sure how much I trust that PSU buuuuut to answer your question yes it'll be more than enough
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    Don Loong II reacted to Downkey in I7 10700 or Ryzen 7 3700x   
    for streaming CPU doesn't really matter. Just use NVENC.

    If the i7 includes a cooler, it's a better deal. If it doesn't, go with the 3700x
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    Don Loong II reacted to Chionele in Is it safe to connect a broken hdd?   
    At worst it's going to lock up your system and you need to reboot. That said if it's broken you're most likely not going to be fixing it, just try to get any data out and then dispose it.
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    Don Loong II reacted to Delamain in Is it safe to connect a broken hdd?   
    Yes, it will be safe. But you won't probably fix it. 
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    Don Loong II reacted to Abdullah Bhutta in Is it safe to connect a broken hdd?   
    Yes; its not dangerous to connect broken HDD with SSD. But you wont be able to fix it
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    Don Loong II reacted to Downkey in PSU Bad smell   
    $20??? $20 will get you another terrible quality unit.