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  1. I have lots of scratches on my pc case and wanted to remove them cuz it looks bad. is there anything i can use to remove the scratches?
  2. I bought a voltage tester from creston and i says 55v on it when i put it close to a screw, my pc is currently off. What do i do to remove the charge? I have it plugged to an APS rn. I keep getting zapped from time to time and it sucks.
  3. I can find it in Bios but not in dskmgmt
  4. I bought a new 120gb ssd for my old computer cuz its gonna be used for zoom calls n stuff, i just plugged the new ssd but its not showing up in "This PC"
  5. Yes, but they all say use an esd band
  6. I dont have an esd wrist band and cant buy one rn cuz my parents dont have their salary yet. But i have a voltage tester that has a ground and a red wire (i forgot the name)
  7. Im not touching them, im too scared HAHAHAHA
  8. Hey, i was gonna open my case then i got a small amount of electric shock thats kinda constant. Its at the tips of my fingers, what do i do?
  9. Okok ty, ive been debating with myself if the psu will blow up. Anyways thanks!
  10. It doesnt stay the power draw on the package it came with
  11. How do i calculate how many watts my pc uses?
  12. U made me confused, i wanna upgrade my storage cuz i need space for some files
  13. I agree but, ill wait more answers. Still unsure if i shld upgrade
  14. I want to upgrade my storage with a WB blue 240gb hdd but i dont know if the power supply is enough for the upgrade, i need help calculating the Wattage of the pc. If someone could do it for me, id be glad XD. (specs on my profile)
  15. @TylerDurden! it wont boot windows, had to change the hdd. If it did boot up windows, it would be very slow and say "100% disk usage"
  16. I have a 2015 1TB HDD laying in my corner Its broken and i want to see if i can fix it. I have an ssd plugged into my computer and wanted to add the storage, is it possible to fix the HDD without removing the ssd? P.S. im a newb so pls help