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  1. Hey guys. So i tried out that test and everything seemed to go smoothly. Nothing crashed so i guess my power supply is large enough. Thanks for all your help guys!
  2. also should i run heaven benchmark instead? I already have it downloaded on my ssd so that would save me some space from having to download furmark. I also have heard that furmark can damage the GPU? not sure if that is true or not.
  3. ok thanks. If it helps i have a ASROCK B365 Pro 4. Here is the link https://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/B365 Pro4/index.asp#CPU I will try those tests and if it works out the thing i would be worried about then would be if the GPU would get damaged in any way. The card if expensive so that is why i am being extremely paranoid. would there be any long term damage from the card having just a large enough PSU and having it run 8 hours a day every day? also what do you guys think about undervolting the GPU to extend its life. I have heard that bitcoin miners do it since the rig is run
  4. https://www.newegg.ca/seasonic-focus-550-gold-ssr-550fm-550w/p/N82E16817151203 here is the link also
  5. Also are the wattage calculators accurate? Lastly when i build a new system down the road how much wattage headroom would you recommend?
  6. Seasonic FOCUS GM-550, 550W 80+ Gold, Semi-Modular it is this one I tried it out and it works perfectly! I tried gaming at 4k, the GPU was at 100% utilization and the system did not shut off or crash. So i guess i am fine? will there be any long term damage to the GPU if I keep it like this for a year or two. Also my computer runs approx. 8 hours a day every day if that matters.
  7. Hey guys just got my hands on a RTX 3070. Just wondering if my 550 watt psu will be able to handle it. I have a seasonic 550 watt Gold plus certified Psu and the EVGA RTX 3070 XC3 ULTRA. My cpu is a intel i5 9500. All of the wattage calculators say I have about 75-100 watts of headroom. However i am worried about the power spikes? What do you guys think? Thanks, Diane
  8. Hey guys! Looking to purchase a new monitor as the one i am using right now is too small and low in resolution. Right now I am in school and I mostly work on game development ( Unreal Engine 4 ), 3d modelling ( Maya, Blender ) and landscape creation ( World creator ), as well as some gaming. I have a RTX 3070 as my graphics card so my gpu can definitely handle a higher resolution then 1080p. I was thinking of purchasing a 1440p monitor with a refresh rate of 144hz. However i need this monitor to have good color accuracy as well as good build quality. My desired size is 27 inches. I was do
  9. Hey Ladies and Gents! Looking for a hdbaset transmitter and receiver pair for my home networking setup and found these: Black Box HDR HDBaseT Video Extender Receiver & Transmitter - 4K HDMI 2.0, 60Hz, 4:4:4 Chroma Item # VX-HDB2-KIT. What do you guys think? Have any of you used them before? Are they reliable? Are there any other products i should take a look at? I am using them to connect my av receiver in the basement which my cable box is connected to, to the family room TV. its about a 40 foot run at the most using CAT 6e solid core 23 gauge (if i am not mistaken) cable. Do
  10. Hello everyone, just wanting to get your guys opinions on these two monitors. would you get the ASUS 27" 1440p WQHD 165Hz IPS LED G-Sync Gaming Monitor OR BenQ EX2780Q 27 Inch QHD 1440p IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor. There both relatively the same price however the sale is about to end on one of them so I would need to know soon. Thanks for all the responses everyone.
  11. Hey guys, so i have done some evaluation and have chosen a few monitors. I found a really good price on a monitor but it is 4k and 60hz. what do you guys think of a 4k monitor for my needs. Do you think my rx 5500xt can handle it? What do you think of the low refresh rate? Is it good for productivity, school work, gaming, or general use?
  12. OK thanks, I will do some research and use those sources that you recommended to me and then I will see what you guys think. Thanks so much for your help everyone!!
  13. Also how about 720p on a 1440p monitor. 1080p works on a 4k monitor so shouldn't 720p work well on a 1440p monitor.
  14. Is it true however that you can still have good quality with 1080p on a 1440p monitor but it will only take up a portion of the screen.