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  1. AmigaOS is pretty good with ram mangement because it don't require much of it because it old
  2. AmigaOS is now official the best OS. This is for the people who do not need programs or a web browser which can render HTML5 properly or support and that is the reason it is the best.

    1. Senzelian


      The best OS is whatever runs in your brain.

      It has lifetime support, never crashes (unless you get too drunk) and is backwards compatible all the way to 55,000,000 bc.

  3. Joining the Amiga master race

  4. Which one is better PC or Console gaming? I think PC personally because you can configure your setup in a way that you just can't with console
  5. Hi, I'm ShrimpBrime. A henchman of PC Masters.

    Please kindly read the following. This is very important.


    1stly, we do not condone Racism and do not use the word race when we describe ourselves. 

    2ndly, we do not go into open forums and ask about PC Masters. This is strictly forbidden.

    3rdly, we do not welcome inquiries to become a PC master. You are choosen. We pick you. You wait till then.


    Kind regards

    PCM ShrimpBrime.




    1. BlueChinchillaEatingDorito


      You forgot to add the office hours info.

  6. I think it is quite good for Gaming and as you said it does not require that many resources
  7. Because I do not know if people who use Linux should be in PC Master Race Subreddit
  8. I tried FreeBSD but it was very hard to use and when I got a GUI loaded after messing about in the command line for a while my mouse did not work