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  1. This kit maybe: https://www.newegg.com/global/il-en/g-skill-64gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232958?Description=64GB ROYAL&cm_re=64GB_ROYAL-_-20-232-958-_-Product What is the chance I can overclock to 3200 c14 / 3600 c16 ? 5900X with X570 Taichi. It will decrease the lifespan?
  2. Royal 3600 I think not appear on the QVL on my mobo.. same price - you choose 2 sticks or 4 sticks? I dont think to upgrade to 128GB later.. or maybe.. And I see crucial ballistix is a good ram? I heard it is a very good potential overclocking.. I can buy 3200 for 100$ cheaper..
  3. Yeah but today 16GB even for gaming is not good because you buy system for 3-4 years minimum. You are correct.. open softwares today is only few seconds but.. you are not always like or wanna close softwares to open others... maybe if you doing some work or editing or whatever.. with more ram you can open some things and game in the background.. maybe 32GB is good yeah.. The royals use Samsung chips? I dont know if choose 2 sticks or 4. I dont think I will upgrade to 128GB..
  4. Yeah but I dont know how the potential of royals... If at the same price I can buy 2X32GB or 4X16 of Z NEO.. 3600 C16.. what is worth more? And I see Crucial ballistix RGB ram 3200/3600 and I heard it is a very good overclock potential. About the 64GB ram.. you can see this video:
  5. What is the circumstances? Because I prefer the Royals? Overclock 4 sticks is really pretty hard?
  6. So you recommend 3800Mhz? But here you told you succeed doing overclock to them.. from 3000 C14 to 3600 C15 it is pretty good.. So I dont know because I prefer the royals and I wanna 4 sticks becaure of some aesthetics.. But Neo Z 3600 C16 4X16 costs 500$... same price as 4X16 3000 Royals. or I can buy 2X32GB 3200 C16 Royals for 100$ cheaper and save money.... Some people told that 3200 is fine for Ryzen or 3600.
  7. Some guys told they succeed to overclock it to 3200.. the 3000 what you think?
  8. I think 128GB is too much and not worth the upgrade in future
  9. but in this situatuon the 4 sticks is 3000 C16
  10. Neos is fine but prefer the royals
  11. But the royals at 3600 c16 is expensive too much for 32GB =\
  12. I wanna this build for maybe 4-5 years minimum so.... DDR5 is not really matter for me.
  13. I know but some people success overclock that to 3200
  14. I decided to buy 64GB for future proofing.. so why you asking why you need 64GB of ram? I ask other question...
  15. Please spamming on another thread Yeah but maybe I can do oc to 3200mhz and have 4 sticks.. looks better