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  1. Right now I have 200mps. But optic fiber is getting installed in a couple of months. Also, I am just going to pass the cable a electrician that works with my dad is going to do the crimping.
  2. I'm going to be replacing my 30 year old corroded coaxial cable and removing some old controller cable that's no longer in use, and wanted to pass a ethernet cable trough the same place. Already check and there should be enough space in the tubing for 2 cables. It's a European house with brick wall, the cable is going to go from the living room in ground floor, to the roof and then back to the first floor. I'm looking at about 25 meters worth of cable. I live next to the beach so damage from humidity and corrosion is a problem. My local store sell both cat 6 and cat 7 ether
  3. I'm fine having one or two fans. The first computer I made had 8 140mm and 2 120mm fans and even on silent profile it made a lot of noise.
  4. I have my computer in a open test bench because of it's small size, but the dust is starting to annoy me. Is there any case the lacks fan and 3.5 hdd mount's to save space? Also with mount for one of those small power supply, I have a Corsair SF600 EDIT: Here some pictures of what I'm working with. Can't be much bigger then that.
  5. My case doesn't have place to put sata devices (2.5 and 3.5 drives).
  6. I have a 512GB 970 PRO, and love it, but want a 1TB one. Originally I was thinking of keeping my old one for OS and new one for games and movies. But after thinking better, Il probably use the new one for Windows, Games and movies. And the old one for linux, that way I have more versatility and if windows fails I can use linux to recover the my movies and save games. That said, all this talk about DRAMless and TLC vs MLC left me confused about which one to get, by this point all the choices are so fast, I just want something that is the same or better then what I already ha
  7. Ok, but that raises another question, 970EVO vs 970EVOPlus. Again somehow the Plus is cheaper. BTW, usually I buy on my local stores, but those are completely out of stock, so I'm getting it from amazon Spain, that's where I'm seeing prices.
  8. I've been pretty happy with my 512GB 970Pro for a few years, I got a new mobo last week with two slots (1 PCIe 3.0 and 1 PCIe 4.0). I wanted a second 1TB ssd for mass storage. I've seen some people online saying the 980Pro isn't worth it but it is somehow cheaper. It's manly going to be used to store games, series and movies. Also, I have a custom case with no 2.5 or 3.5 bays, so it really has to be a m.2.
  9. From what I read, it's asus motherboards for amd that have D.O.C.P. instead of X.M.P. something to do with royalties. Yes I can just select 3000Mhz but I have two ways of doing it, I'm asking what the difference is?
  10. I bought this motherboard today with a ryzen 3700x. I don't want to overclock. On Asus website it states it is capable of running up to 3200MHz ram without (OC). However when I enter the bios, my 3000MHz rams are are set to 2400MHz. The only options I see is to Keep Ai Overclock Tuner on Auto and change the Memory Frequency manually to the right one. Or change the Ai Overclock Tuner to D.O.C.P. which automatically set's it to 3000 MHz but also sets the Target FCLK Frequency 300MHz higher. What is the difference between this two option
  11. Update, 36 hours after this post, my mobo stopped posting and I could not find a lga1151 with x.m.p. so I ended up getting the 3700x anyway.
  12. Then why even bother selling them like this? BTW: They're different variantions of the same model (HyperX Predator)
  13. I'm choosing new ram, narrowed it down to two with these specs, everything else is the same, I was told less CL is better, but I have no idea what the difference is. 3000MHz, CL15 3200MHz, CL16