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  1. I just built my first computer and all has been well if not perfect for the last two weeks. Games, 3D modeling and animation, everything ran wonderfully. Today I left it on for a while as I went to the store, some programs open but nothing actively doing a major task. When I got back it was off. It wasn't in sleep mode, and it would not boot when I pushed the power button. I turned the power supply off for a few seconds then flicked it back on, the limited RGB I have came back to life and the machine booted like normal. My main question is if I should be worried a
  2. That makes sense. You mentioned a dedicated swap space earlier, what is that exactly? I could only really find sites mentioning it in relation to linux.
  3. How quickly do you think I could get into that? I know very little about Linux, but I know it's got a lot of benefits to be worth tackling.
  4. I just built a new rig. Mostly brand new hardware, but also some old stuff I cannibalized from both a friend's old computer and my own. I mainly just grabbed some cables and fans from the friend's machine, but it also had a 120gb SSD. I already had a 1TB M.2 SSD that I used as my boot drive, and I have two hard drives for the bulk of my storage needs. I have plenty of extra drive space so I put it in my new machine. Is there anything I should be using this drive for instead of the other storage options I have? If it matters the computer is primarily a workstation, using Maya and Unit