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    Pc stuff


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    b450 tomahawk
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    gskill 8x2 3200
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    RTX 3060Ti
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    some old cooler master from 2010
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    1tb WD black nvme
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    Dell 24” 60hz
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    60% amazon special (gateron optical browns)
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  1. oh and btw this isnt actually a game its a minecraft mod launcher i think its dedecting it as a game and for some reason decides to run at 100% or at least that what task manager thinks
  2. so i have before game and after game, the cpu is fine at idle tho.
  3. so today i realize that when playing any game from mine craft to rocket league to bf5 my 3600 sits at 100% utilization, this is weird since the games im playing shouldnt do this especially Minecraft since its a single core game, in hwinfo it show 100% at 4.2ghz all core when just in a launcher, was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this problem
  4. my main issue is that after leaving my desktop running for a few hours my desktop runs at around 15 fps this includes watching youtube, moving windows around, and the cursor in general, this doesnt affect any games tho, this also fixes its self after reboots, i figure its a driver issue but ive already DDu my drivers and was just wondering if anyone else has had these issues. my system is a ryzen 3600, msi b450 tomahawk MAX, msi 3060ti gaming x trio, 16gb 3200 gskill trident z, and a 700Watt B700H by gigabyte.
  5. hmm idk i personally think it may be drivers just because ya you only have a 600watt but the card is like what 250 watts and a 3600 pulls 65 watts max
  6. the 3060ti is actually very capable of rtx imo from my personal use i can get 120 fps on BF5 with setting on ultra and raytracing on ultra at 1080p and with a game like bocw i can get 80-90fps with rtx maxed and everything else on ultra, basically if you are playing at 1080p you can max out any game, i would personally recommend the 3000 series gpu's since they have better nvenc encoding and will have the newest nvidia software if they choose to release some new feature
  7. im gonna guess they dont want to repair it is because your warranty is technically voided and they dont want to deal with the time and money to possibly fix your gpu, you best bet is to just bring it to someone who knows how to solder
  8. ya the only thing i dont get is why for me at least my desktop goes to 15 fps after a few hours of use
  9. yes but guess what there is nothing you can do about it the reason companies get away with it is because you have to sue them to fix the issue and that would cost more then the card so you suggestion is useless and misleading to everyone, you cant force gigabyte to fix it so why give him hope by saying they have to because the sticker is illegal
  10. idk if this is totally similar but my 3060ti has bad frame srops the first 3 or 4 times i play a game and eventually it goes away second i get low frame rates on my desktop and in video play back which is fixed by resetting pc idk if these are the exact issues you are having but this has been my solution i would assume its just drivers tbh also i have a 700watt psu so if these are the same issues your having i dont think its your psu
  11. also when i was having the issue my cpu was also at 100%
  12. from what ive experienced when i used DDU on my 3060ti the first 2-3 time i ran a game the fps was low and around the forth try my frame rates returned to what they should be i think its like a getting use to that game type of thing at least with my experience
  13. well i did the DDU and its still doing it today but i did notice when i grab windows and stuff it doesnt do it its only when im at my desktop doing nothing i think its just gotta be a driver issue or something
  14. quick question when did you get this gpu and how long has this been happening, the reason i ask is because i picked up a 3060 ti yesterday and i was having a lot of issues with stuttering and i noticed that after letting the game run and restarting it a few times my stutters went away as if the gpu was "getting use" to playing that game, but if you have had this happening for a long time its probably not the issue
  15. Thanks for everyone trying to help I reinstalled all my drivers and I guess see if it helped