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  1. Hey, yesterday i left my PC open, only to find the next day, my front panel jack (microphone) isn't working. i tried connecting the Audio and Microphone to the back panel, which works, but... I can only use 1 port, that is "Line in", or "Mic in", now the thing is that is there anyway I can get both jacks to work? i'm taking online classes this year due to pandemic and i cant stand it :p also, this is what the front panel jack sounds like (Very Loud, Lower your volume). If this can be fixed too, i'll be very thankful Recording (63).m4a
  2. I live in Pakistan. kind of hard to find some parts but they can be found, my budget is 700$ - 750$
  3. Ah thanks, I've discovered it's good PSU. I'll order the stuff and get ready for building. Thanks!
  4. oh, here's the link of the PSU https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/power-supplies/masterwatt/masterwatt-550/
  5. Hi, this is my first time making a post here. I needed help with the PSU requirements for my future PC Build. I need to be sure before I confirm all my orders. The Specifications for the build are: Ryzen 5 2600 (1x) GTX 1660-Super (1x) 500 GB HDD (1x) 2TB GB HDD (1x) 128G GB SSD (1x) Cooling fans 120mm (2x) CPU Cooler (Stock AMD Cooler) (1x) I was thinking on going with a MasterWatt 550 from Cooler Master, but I need some confirmation with that