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  1. hey i dont know a lot about pc ( im a dumb guy) but i remember changing something on my system from 64 bits to 32 bits in order to make an app work and i dont remember what it was, and now im scared that thats the reason why games think im using a 32 bit opperating system. That worries me cuz im gonna have to reinstall windows to fix it.
  2. Also with crysis i have to run the 32 bit version in order to make it work.
  3. in battlefield 4 i cant change the graphics setting cuz it says its a 32 bit system
  4. Guys i have a problem were apps think my opperating system is 32 bits but on "this pc" it says is a 64 bits opperating system.
  5. yeah thats what I ment by rails ( the 2 separate bundle of cables) sorry...
  6. So the 2 MOLEX has to be in 2 different rails right?
  7. Thank you for your explanation, really helpful
  8. Thank you all of you guys, I guess i will upgrade my PSU asap, or at lest try to use 2 Molex instead of one for now...
  9. And is there a way to make the card prioritize the pcie slot instead?
  10. Yeah i know, i will upgrade the PSU in a few months but i dont have the money right now ( I just bought the GPU). and i was wondering why is the pcie express not proving 75 watts. Do you know why? Thanks
  11. hmm I dont know a lot but as far as i know ram does not consume a lot of power So u should be fine
  12. Hello guys, right now Im having a problem with my GPU ( GTX 960 2gb) power usage. The problem is that is not getting 75 watts from the pcie express on the motherboard, instead is getting more power from the 6 pin. This is a problem for me because im using a MOLEX to 6 pin power adapter and i dont want the thing to melt. The TDP of the GTX 960 is 120 Watts, but in my testing never got over 110 Watts.