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  1. why its so confusing, everything seems to be good but not working how it should?
  2. surely not the monitor if im livestreaming Via OBS and direct Game link? - unsure how i would actually check? sorry
  3. so when i run a stress test - 106% and PWR PERF CAP. - not sure if i just need to upgrade my PSU but i feel like surely not?? 850w should be sufficent shouldent it. reccomended is 750.
  4. hey so the reason ive been pulling my hair out is because when i livestream games like call of duty i get tearing and stuttering because i thin the GPU power draw is too high (which it is) but honestly not understanding how it can be using 850w (i get there beefy but not that beefy) should be ample. dont like to plug my shit on here but - but heres a clip of how it runs when streaming, its choppy as fuck and i dont want to upload shit content BlackT1des - Twitch
  5. his specs alright but the only notable thing really is the 3070, the rest of my scores were beating his. he got like a 1380 for his novabench gpu score and im getting somtimes under 1k? seems madness!
  6. hey, so my system Specs are as follows. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.7GHz Corsair Vengence Pro - DDR4 -3200 MHZ - Memory: 32768MB RAM ROG MAXIMUS X HERO MOBO RTX 3080 TUF - OC 10GB. 850w PSU- corsair RM850x. 1.5TB M.2 NVMe 1tb HDD - 7200rpm. Hi All, really struggling to understand why im getting such a terrible novabench score for my GPU.... my friend has a 3070 and it is smashing my gpu scores. it wont even go over 170 frames honestly tried so much. brought new PCIE cables as i thought the