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    Czech Republic, Prague
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  • CPU
    Ryzen 9 5900X
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    G.SKill Trident Z RGB 2x16GB 3600 MHz CL 16-16-16-36
  • GPU
    Asus TUF RTX 3080 O10G
  • Case
    beQuiet! Purebase 500DX
  • Storage
    Samsung 970 EVO 1TB
  • PSU
    Corsair RM850x
  • Display(s)
    1440p, 144 Hz
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH-U12S
  1. That are impressive numbers for 5900x even with custom loop. I tried undervolting as well, but I only get around 4.95 on SC, and around 4.2 on MC during CB r23.
  2. I am pretty sure thats the reason. CCD1 temps are lot higher than CCD2 temps. EDIT: I did some more testing and I it seems that Death Stranding alone is the "culprit". I tried older engine game (Witcher 3) and the temps were much lower (75c vs 85c). Difference between Witcher 3 and Death Stranding was obvious. Witcher 3 puts heavier load on 4 cores, which maxed utilization on 100% and were boosting up to 4951 MHz while other cores were hovering around 3000-3500 MHz. Death Stranding on the other hand spread the load across almost all cores and not
  3. I don´t find overall temps bad considering relatively small air cooler, but this difference also seems odd to me. I haven´t tried either one yet. EDIT: I tried at least Time Spy Stress Test that I have at hand and which should emulate load similar to gaming and temps were hovering around 74-75c.
  4. Not sure, that this will be the case. Cinebench run is like 8-10 mins and I get 85+ temps within a couple minutes after playing the game (and 80+ within first minute).
  5. Yeah, I thought that it could be normal temps for this combo, but I was hoping I could get some experience from other 5900x owners with different coolers to compare.
  6. It´silly but I just don´t like the look of them. They just obstruct everything in the case and usually have problems with RAM clearence. Top fan shouldn´t be a problem. I have only one at the top and its at the very rear end of the case, nowhere near the front fans.
  7. Thanks, I know I am within limits, but I am more concerned about noise levels. I have PC right next to me on the desk and I use openback headphones. Main goal of this post was comparing my results to others with same CPU but different cooling solutions, to get some baseline.
  8. Hi, I am cooling my new Ryzen 5900X with Noctua NH-U12S (with 2 fans) and it´s honestly far from ideal. Ideally I would use NH-U12A, but the chromax variant is still too far away and I don´t want anything bigger as far as air coolers go (NH-D15 for example). Now I am deciding if I should try 280mm AIO or stay with air (which I prefer). Idle temps: 41-45c Cinebench R23 (MC) – 74-75c (20261) Cinebench R23 (SC) – 68-70c (1587) Gaming is when it gets really toasty, while playing Death Stranding core temps are around 84-89c and I even saw a spike to 91c! Coming from 6700K
  9. Yes, laptop CPUs can´t generally be replaced.
  10. Steve from Hardware Unboxed said in his benchmark video for Cyberpunk that even his 5950x was at 40% utilization during play and Ryzen 3600 was peaking over 80%, so your CPU might just not be strong enough for Cyberpunk 2077. Comparing it with performance while playing Wasteland 3 is useless in that regard.
  11. All hints point to CPU bottleneck. Very simply put, your CPU can´t calculate enough frames to fully utilize your GPU. From early reports Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be pretty CPU intensive game.
  12. Well the clips are very thin metal so you might be able to bend them and make it work. Or find something else to secure the fan to the heatsink.
  13. I have NH-U12S with the second fan. You do have second set of clips in the box, but they are made for 25mm thick fan, NF-A12x15 FLX is 15mm thick so I don´t think the clips will work with that fan. Unfortunately I don´t have any slim fan to try it.