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  • CPU
    Intel Pentium Silver N5000
  • RAM
    1x 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • GPU
    Intel UHD 605 integrated GPU 1GB
  • Storage
    1x 1TB HDD 5400RPM
  • Operating System
    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and WIndows
  • Laptop
    Acer Aspire 3
  1. Hi, I have Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (on KDE plasma) dual booting. I have noticed that my Windows 10 has slown down significantly since I installed Ubuntu. It is so slow I can't even run more than 3 light apps at a time (Ex. Task Manager, File Manager, Control Panel) Microsoft Edge is incredibly slow as well. It used to work fine before. I'm having an Acer Aspire 3 laptop with the following specs - Intel Pentium Silver N5000 4GB DDR4 RAM 1TB 5400RPM HDD (ik it is bad) Windows 10 has 500GB (415GB used) assigned Ubuntu has 245GB(63GB used) assigned Rest is just other files, n
  2. Well who thinks that the AirPods Max are value for money. I know NO ONE. But can anyone take a look at the Indian Pricicng? Its 60,000 rupees (Which is almost $850 USD) https://www.apple.com/in/shop/buy-airpods/airpods-max WTF How unfair is this. And the cherry on top of the cake is that there is no power bricc. I don't know why Apple do this they are manufacturing in India then why is the price. They will have almost no shipping cost and I don't think GST and other taxes make is THAT expensive. I saw Brazil price as well but I am not able to convert it so yeah.
  3. Thank you! I did not have 2FA on I guess that was the reason why I was not able to join it.
  4. I was trying to join the discord server but I am not able to do that. Whenever I click on join, it shows I need to complete something and then immediately a grey empty box appears. I'm done with the linking and am still not able to join pls help.