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  1. Definitely not a hobby, this is my livelyhood. I'll pick up that 3700X
  2. I've been waiting for 5800X's or 5900X's to come into stock since their release, but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. My current computer is running a 3100 in it, and in general it's fine. This computer is mostly used for Photoshop, Capture One, Lightroom, light video editing, hardly ever sees games. My question is when 5800X's come available, they'll be $450. I found a 3700X brand new, local, for $330. Is the 5800X $120 faster for productivity? Should I wait? I use this computer every day for the better part of 4-18hrs/day. Specs are in my sig
  3. Asking for a friend lol Obviously completely dismantle it, vacuum out the case, but what about the parts themselves?
  4. Task Manager in Windows 10 has a dropdown in the GPU menu to see options of what the GPU is actually doing, this is amazing! Out of curiosity, when doing things like actions in Photoshop and Capture One, Would I want to be looking at compute, or CUDA? I'm pretty jazzed about this if you can't tell.
  5. You can totally use SSD's as scratch disks, they're great for that. Love how fast my SN750 is for work, noticeably faster than my SATA drives, and I bought it specifically to use AS A SCRATCH DISK!
  6. In some games like Far Cry 5, RDR2, Titanfall 2, Apex, Battlefield, even Doom Eternal I've noticed if I put the textures too high, or the texture streaming budget past my VRAM limit, my performance grinds to a halt. I really wish I had gone with a 5500XT 8GB instead of the 1650 when I built my computer. I like hi-res textures and I can't enable them in anything but older games.
  7. In the WD program, and in the device manager, it says I have write caching enabled... is there anything else I can change? I disabled the write cache flushing and it didn't change anything. The SN750 is not my boot drive either, I have a SATA SSD I use for that. This one is just for proxies, projects, and work related stuff where I need a ton of fast storage to transfer big files all the time from my T7 SSD and back.
  8. Put the single 16GB 2666Mhz CL19 stick in the intel machine. But the dual channel kit in the AMD one
  9. Windows at idle uses around 4-5GB of RAM, so 16GB seems to be kind of the minimum in 2020
  10. I think what AMD did with the 6800's being 16GB is a great place to be. 10GB will run out soon for 4k@max textures, 24GB seems like alot for current times.
  11. You might get some hitches here and there in game from the CPU playing catchup, but for the most part you should be OK.
  12. That makes sense. I guess I was just put off a little by the claim being unrealistic. Still, vs the drive setup I had before, the difference is extremely noticeable loading in video files. It's nice, I wish I could have afforded the pcie4 version, but it was like $400 or $500 for the same capacity