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  1. Nothing suspicious on Task Manager that is taking drive usage and Antivirus check didn't find anything on the drive
  2. So, recently my boot drive has been acting up a bit. Everytime I refresh I see a different amount of storage left on my C drive. I'm afraid that it might be malware but there's also a possibility that Windows is making restore points. But how do I know if that is the case?
  3. So, I recently ordered a RX550 4GB (scroll a bit upwards for specs https://www.powercolor.com/product?id=1585713590#spe) and I just found out that my mobo (https://www.asus.com/me-en/Motherboards/P7H55DM_EVO/specifications/) doesn't support PCIE 3.0. It also mentions: "Maximum shared memory of 1748 MB", does that mean that the card is going to perform like it has 2GB VRAM? And am I going to get major performance issues because of the motherboard?