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  1. Actually it's because of the cpu fan where I'm using an aio cooler I was able to set the bios to ignore it and it boots fine now.
  2. Asus TUF Gaming B550-Plus Ryzen 7 3700x RX 580 2x8 ddr4 2400mhz iCue H100i Elite aio Samsung 980 Pro 250gb I have csm on and it lets me install windows to the m.2 but won't boot from it
  3. my rgb fans had a controller come with but theres no slot that will work with the header on the heatsink. i think i need an adaptor just not sure which
  4. i may have posted in the wrong section but i just created my account and still learning the site, but i recently purchased a 970 evo for my asus Z97-k mobo, which i bought used and didnt have a heatsink so i bought a rgb one. i figured out how to put the heatsink on, but have no clue where to hook up the rgb. I'm still learning so I'm not even sure if it has a rgb header cus I've been looking and googling trying to find out where it is but only find that some do have a rgb header but possibly not all? any help would be greatly appreciated