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    PC building, Gaming, Photography and Videography. I also plan to learn computer languages and 3D rendering.
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    student (last year of school)


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    Intel core i7 9750H
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    Integrated motherboard in MSI GS65 Stealth 9SD
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    16 GB RAM 2666MHz
  • GPU
    Nvidia GeForce 1660ti
  • Storage
    512 GB Kingston SATA III SSD
  • Keyboard
    A4tech 6300F
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    A4tech 6300F
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home
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    HP ProBook 6460b and MSI GS65 Stealth 9SD
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    Redmi Note 10

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  1. is there a proper policy regarding this online? About the countries and the stay?
  2. I want to know about the following Countries for which Rig Reboot is available Expenses on the winner's end like visa, tickets and accommodation in Canada
  3. I got an i7 9750h with a 1660ti. Good nuff for emulating games?
  4. None of you answered the main concern Why does the clock speed drop so much (from 4.1 to 2.5) by just decreasing the cpu power from 100% to 98%? Has this happened with anyone else?
  5. I play with mouse and keyboard but in the rpcs3 as far as i know, you an only look around with the arrow keys. I haven't really tried xenia so dont know abt that. Most people say that a hexa core processor and a gpu like tge 1660 ti is enough for ps3 or 360 games on an emulator but when i got rdr1 running i was only getting like 7fps and a lot of stuttering, yellow/pink screen, basically not playable. Is this a stability issue or i just dont have the right specs for the job. If anyone got any tips about how to make the emulsion experience better on either one. Plz do share
  6. So i have an i7 9750h with a gtx 1660ti, now this would seem like a kick as combo (at least as far as 1080p is concerned) on paper but due to the thin body, guess what, THE TEMPS SUCK, i have tried undervolting, no real benefit. Whenever i fire up a game it runs pretty well. 60+ fps on 1080p ultra but when i check the temps, oh boy, the temps are like around 100 C. I tried lowering the power to the cpu from the control panel in cpu power management in the high performance mode. When the power is 100% or 99% the cpu runs at 4.2-3.1 GHz but as soon as i lower it to 98% instead of dropping to, sa
  7. Man i am have a lot of problem I changed the thermal paste on my laptop, I put together everything properly And it turned on But then i had to restart and now its stuck in a boot loop Its not even a boot loop, basically when the laptop turned on after restarting its stuck on "preparing automatic repairs" with the msi logo above it and the a frozen loading sign below it It alternates between these two conditions One without the message and one with the message (the messages with the msi logo) When i tried to boot windows from a boot drive it gets stuck too,
  8. So i live in a house with a basement so when i ever i go upstairs it usually takes a little while for the phone to connect to the mobile network. But the problem is that the mobile data(4G) works but i cant make calls. And if someone is trying to call me, they find my phone turned off. So this is pretty problematic if i left my basement and went somewhere but my phone did not connect back so no one can contact me without me knowing that no one can reach me. The issue is only solved by restarting and with this kind of battery that doesn't happen often so, any solutions?
  9. Not used. The sales people just open the box to avoid paying extra taxes Hence the cheap price + the general idea is that if you are spending so much, you should be getting the right keyboard so the guy has to sell it for cheap. I am in it for the horsepower and the colour accuracy so the stealth seemed fine
  10. Whats up guy, I hope you all are doing fine. In my country the tech situation sucks so my options for buying a work/gaming laptop are very limited so the ones I came across are the Dell G3 with the 1650 ti and the MS gs65 stealth with the 1660 ti. The Dell G3 for about $850 and the stealth for $900. Now the price difference is in substantially enough to justify serving for the Dell G3 which has h screen 45% NTSC well the stealth has parrot colour accuracy of high refresh rate 144 heads with one MS response time and ji Singh besides the 1660 ti's performance is just shy of the 2060
  11. I have been trying to join the discord server but it directs me back to my friend's dm who sent me the link.
  12. Seems like a solid deal. Assuming you can understand how the specs work, check the chipset for upgradeablility to the 5000 series processors. Honestly you wont need more performance than the 3600 but anyway, its good to consider it while buying. The graphics card will hold up in esports games like cs go or rocket league but for higher resolutions and smooth gameplay make sure that the motherboard is compatible with the 20 or 30 series cards. I think if it supports 3200mhz ram, it will have enought PCIe 3 lanes to not to lose any significance performance. You should run some benchma
  13. Will the next windows update with the whole ui changes make my laptop faster. If so then can I avoid it or will it be forced like the previous updates. Here are the specs: Its an hp probook 6460b way back from 2011 Its got a core i5 2410m 8 gigs of 1333mhz DDR3 ram And dont judge cuz I only use it only for documentation, I will buy a new one soon