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  1. Thanks for the tips, I'll probably end up running it all stock untill I can do more research about voltages and vcore and all that other funky stuff
  2. I need help figuring out how to setup new build with a Unlocked 10600k onto a z490 vision g, I've done some research and found that the auto voltage on the z490 boards can fry a cpu and want to configure my rig to not use auto voltage and run at a certain voltage. There's not alot about the z490 vision g on Reddit or YouTube so I don't really know what to do. Help would be appreciated Specs: Z490 Vision G ( The one that doesn't have the misspelled "Silver" on the heatsink) 10600k Unlocked I5 Cpu Royal DDR4 16GB 1660 Super 6Gb NVME 970 1TB Noctua NH-U12s