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  1. Ok so I just finished running 3D Mark and here are my results. I also have a question regarding my Cinebench scores, I got a 12334 score yesterday which is now 11769. I don't know what I did to mess that up but would you have any idea how I can get that score back up. It's kind of worrying me as this is the lowest score I achieved out of all the tests I've been running for the past 2 days.
  2. Hey thanks for responding, honestly it's because I don't know much at all about building/troubleshooting. I'm like a headless chicken running around right now with extreme anxiety lol. I will do that right now and see what results it gives me, thanks a lot I'll get back to you. I am so confused why it worked yesterday and gave amazing results but today it isn't.
  3. Hello, I recently finished building and testing out my PC which contains: Asus Tuf X570 Plus (Wifi) Ryzen 7 3700x Asus Tuf RTX 3060 TI I have spent a couple of days fiddling with the BIOS settings after learning a little bit online which resulted in turning on DOCP, Auto-PBO, and messing around with the fans to get good noise-performance ratio. During those trials I ran a userbenchmark which came back with good results in all categories thankfully. Today, I decided to run UserBenchmark again to see what the outcome would be and during the benchmark all the images came
  4. Yeah I understand. I just went back and confirmed that DOCP was on with ram frequency set at 3200 and that PBO is off. Right now with nothing open but Ryzen Master I’m at 38-41 degrees with a stress test hitting maximum of 70. That doesn’t sound bad. Every time I went into BIOS and returned everything to default that is when I get the worst temps which is strange. When I open up chrome and YouTube it jumps to 55 for a sec and drops down back to 38-40 so I think everything is working fine. I was flipping out when seeing it jump all the way to 58+ when opening up YouTube because from how I under
  5. Ok cool, I have DOCP enabled and in Task manager it is showing speed to be 3200 which is correct. Oooooh Ok I think I'm starting to understand it a bit better. Man have you been so much help. I was stressing the temps and all that mostly because I had it lower yesterday and only when I went into Bios and changed somethings up did the CPU Idle temp go up about 8-10 degrees. I'll go back into BIOS and make sure everything looks good before I leave it. Thank you so much I'm sorry about the bother. I really appreciate you guys.
  6. I'm sorry one more thing, is it fine that my CPU doesn't reach it's 4.4Mhz maximum clock speed and only maxes at 4.1?
  7. Ok thank you, I didn't know what I should do regarding DCOP or PBO in BIOS. I just played maybe 5 minutes of Assassins Creed Valhalla to see my CPU temp and GPU temp while playing a AAA game and the most my CPU went to was 63 and the most my GPU went to was around high 50s. This is on a TV btw since my monitor is arriving Sunday. The BIOS doesn't recognize my Ram as 3200 while in DCOP. Should I turn off DCOP and PBO? The temps seemed fine while playing it's just every minute or so I can hear the fans ramp up a bit or when I open up Youtube or something I hear them start to turn up, I'm sorry o
  8. Is my CPU Clock Speed and CPU Voltage normal though? I'm kind of worried as my temperatures spiking up and going back down from simply opening up Youtube? I have actually just fixed the problem with the GPU logo light which I had to update it in the Armory application that comes with the ASUS MB. I have no idea how to undervolt or what I should be doing to do that in BIOS. I have just updated my BIOS to the newest version for my MB though. While I'm typing this I have this page open, youtube page, and Ryzen master open and my CPU Temp is hovering between 39-43 which I assume is ok? I don't kno
  9. Hello All, I have recently just finished building my PC with: Asus X570-PLUS WIFI BIOS Verson Ryzen 7 3700X-Stock Cooler Asus Tuf Gaming 3060 TI 16GB Crucial Ballistix Ram 1TB Samsung M.2 SSD I have been having trouble with the BIOS settings, trying to figure out what's the best settings for cooling the CPU and performance as I'm worried about Temps. I tried looking up what settings would be most preferable but when I turn on the PC and boot Ryzen Master my Temps will be around 39-47 and jump around when I open up a browser or something. I tried using