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  1. also ^ i saw someone on youtube with the same issue and he was just using a heat gun to reseat the voltage regulator and it worked for him
  2. I tried a different PSU, but I found out the voltage regulators are broken. I'm just gonna get a new motherboard since thats easiest
  3. i think i just need to get a whole new motherboard since i probably broke some stuff since i didnt have any anti static stuff or discharged myself, and was using magnetic screwdrivers if that matters. the cpu itself is not the problem, not the psu, not the ram. all that is left is the motherboard itself. i was thinking of getting a Gigabyte GA-A320M-H since im rlly broke rn
  4. I let my computer sit without power cable for the night, still no luck.
  5. Yes I have updated my BIOS twice, tried with 1 ram stick and a lot more
  6. I'm not sure if thats even possible, I have an ASUS PRIME A320M-K. I can't find any videos on how to and I think you mean undervolting since the clock is regular
  7. Forgot to say, I have gotten multiple bluescreens with codes being: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT POOL_CORRUPTION_IN_FILE_AREA
  8. I've tried a different power supply and I've left the battery out for like 20-30 minutes, and yes I unplugged the power plug from the pc itself
  9. Thanks for the reply, I've already these things multiple times. Unless I did it wrong. CMOS is the battery in between of the IO and CPU right?
  10. So, today I got a new cpu (ryzen 5 2600) and installed it pretty easily. As soon as I turned my pc on I saw an American Megatrends screen saying I've changed my cpu and that the voltage is too high. (Runs at 2.4-2.8V) Any ideas how to fix this, lmk. Image: (the 15V, 3.3V and the other one are all red and above regular voltage aswell)