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  1. the cpu fact dosent bother me that much cause im not lagging its the fact that my gpu isnt going up on tempature in the bench mark i saw his tempature on gpu was like 80-85 or smth and me with even epic settings its on 60 tempature so the cpu is carrying the gpu insted of being equal and giving me a stable fps you get it?
  2. no the bench mark was like a month old and i had the same fps as the bench mark now i dont and also the bench mark was like 200-130 fps in fights and stuff and now i get in general like 130 to 80 maybe bit lower he said he could get stable 144 fps
  3. also i saw a bench mark with my same specs and he had 80% and much stable frames*
  4. the game got updated but it happened before the update
  5. im playng on 1920x1080 and i have freesync monitor i used msi afterburner now i see my max was 72 but it stays on 50 most of the game and the cpu is carrying i dont know what background apps
  6. it says i have amd free sync like on the store i bhought it but these fps drops happened before i had the screen (few days ago) and i had usualy like really good 200+ fps even with higher settings now i dont and i scanned my pc on malewarebytes im good but idk
  7. i just want to get 144 stable fps cuz i cant i get fps drops at some places
  8. but other people can play it on low and high pc specs
  9. i am on performance mode there and my settting are all low and view distance epic