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  1. ahm when i opend the bios i go to the tap oc an there are many options for your dram settings i used the settings für my one just 3200mhz and i enabled the possebility to "overclock" the ram ( im sorry im a newbi )
  2. Hey Guys So i build my new PC yesterday i started it up and the bios shows up i set the system time to the correct one, and i saw that my ram only detectet 2400mhz even that my ram sticks has 3200mhz to work with so i watched a tutorial für my specific bios to set that. after i done that i pressed "save settings and reboot" After 15mins nothing happening i shut down my pc and tryed to reboot, now my EZ debug light "DRAM" lights up first i googled that and it sayed to me thats my ram doesent get detected or they destroyed. What i tried: - bios reset (CM
  3. Hey Toghether I have a question. I want to build a new PC. My Components: - Nvidia Gigabyte RTX 3080 10gb Oc Gaming - AMD Ryzen 7 5800X - MSI B550 A Pro - Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 M.2 1tb SSD - HyperX Fury 32gb(2x16gb) black (Ram) - Be Quiet Straight Power 850W - Be Quiet Shadow Rock 3 (CPU Fan) So my Question is: The Case i want to use is the Fractal Define 7. This Case has 3 Fans pre Mountet. is this enough? or should i buy additional ones or exchange the pre Mountet Fans? Thanks For Help (Im a Newbi in this Business)