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  1. Yeah I shot them a tweet, now we play the waiting game!
  2. I bought it on the 5th and the very last time I messaged them was on the 30th. they said 4 to 7 days and I'm on day four, I know I'm early but I was/am excited for it. I'll tweet them maybe sunday and see what happens. Thanks TetraSky!
  3. that's whack. I'm sure this isn't LTT's fault by any means and I hate to say this because I like what they do but...I think I'll get a refund and try my luck at getting the new MKBHD skin. If that falls through again, shame on me. Thanks Senzelian!
  4. Sorry if this doesn't belong in the General Discussion forum but I recently purchased The Sticker Bomb wrap from Dbrand and it still hasn't been delivered. When I check the website, it says my order is still processing. Has anyone else had any problems with this too? I understand that things are slower now thanks to a certain virus going around and it to also doesn't help that this was a limited time drop so they're probably making them as the orders come in but if I remember right the Dbrand site said something along the lines of "it'll be shipped out by the end of November"(I might be misrem