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  1. Okay will try and boost my RAM. Thanks for looking for a solution! Really appreciate the help
  2. No i have not. But i don't really see why that must be causing any problems. My pc ran like a beast. Sea of Thieves for instance ran at 2160p 120 fps max settings. Now it's barely 12 fps. with exactly the same settings. Same goes for other games like GTA V, Warzone, F1 2020 and Assetto Corsa. It feels like i'm gaming on 10 year old hardware or something out of nowhere.
  3. Ah thanks for clarifying. I don't have anything overclocked at all. CPU and GPU etc all running stock
  4. I know it's a 7 year old PSU. What do you mean by OCS? Thank you for taking the time by the way
  5. Temps are all okay, nothing weird there. Drivers are all updated and RAM is in dual channel indeed
  6. Hey guys! Quite a few months ago I upgraded my pc. It worked like a charm. However, the last 2 days my pc suddenly got a lot slower. Google Chrome is laggy, Youtube shows lagg, games suddenly don't achieve higher than 20 fps and i really can't pinpoint where the problem is. I haven't been downloading anything at all for the last weeks. I have no idea how to fix this. The specs of my pc are: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 core 16gb DDR4 RAM Geforce GTX 1070 GPU 750W power supply Asus Rog Strix X570-F motherboard Thank you for reading!