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  1. Why odd going for Intel? Just out of curiosity. And why is it a bad value going for the non K variant? If I'm not planning of overclocking. I have the arctic 34 duo fan cooler. Still haven't decided on a case. Do you recommend I'll get the 10700k (now that I'm with the z490, I kinda have to go with Intel) and change the PSU to 650?
  2. Can I still boost the CPU a little in your opinion? I know it's locked, but I read I can still squeeze some Ghz via the motherboard, CPU vcore to 1.27 I believe. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for replying. It'll be kind of an hassle to cancel and re order that's why I'm asking if it's a must in your opinion.
  4. Hi all, So I'm new to PC building, and as of now I have these components secured: I7 - 10700 Asus z490a 2*8gb 3200 GeForce 3060ti FE Nvme m.2 500gb SSD I already ordered the Seasonic GX 550w but now I'm afraid it might not be enough? Is it crucial to upgrade to a 650w? Also, would I be able to pull some boosting to the cpu (non K), say to 3.5ghz with this PSU? Thanks!