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  1. I found the solution to my problem! I have a dead graphics card! I tried using my brothers gtx 950 just as a test and the bios showed up fine. When I tried putting the rx 580 back in nothing showed up not even windows. Looks like I'm buying a new gpu. FML
  2. Yeah, it has the flash bios button where you just need the motherboard and psu to flash the bios but, that didn't work I let it sit for 2 hours when it said it should only take 5-7 minutes and then when I tried booting it wouldn't work at all. So, I tried to flash the bios with the button again but, still wouldn't work. That's when I sent it back. I haven't tried to enable secure boot but, from some quick google searches it looks like I have to use the bios to do that. Is there a way to do that just through windows? Also, forgive my idiocy but what is CSM? Thanks.
  3. Sorry it took so long to get back to you I ended up bricking my motherboard trying to flash it back to the previous version. I sent it back to amazon and they gave me a new one. But with this motherboard I am still getting this problem. I am running duel monitors 1 display port 1 hdmi. I've tried it with only the display port one plugged in as well as with only hdmi but it still doesn't display. I have also tried to boot into it through windows by holding shift and clicking restart and then selecting advanced and the uefi one but it still doesn't display and my monitors never come back on. I
  4. I am using a msi b550m pro-vdh wifi mobo. ryzen 5 3600xt. rx580. 16gb ram. I have been having issues getting oculus link to work on this computer so I have been trying to update drivers, reinstall drivers, anything really that might help because my situation doesn't have a fix from the internet. So, I tried updating my bios, which, I successfully did. My computer boots into windows 10 perfectly fine but the loading screen never comes up. The weird thing is that when I spam the delete key to get into the bios nothing ever shows up on my monitor. Windows never boots, my display never turns on (I