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  1. i kind of want to get sponsored but not sponsored like i know that he has a lot of tech i wanted to know if he has laptops nothing high tech but use able because in my country we have to do online class because of covid and it be for some time again but lots of children have no laptops tablets to do this so they are cut off and cant get education so more of a charity of some sorts ,i just want to know if they has tech or can donate some devices
  2. i could just spam on all the forums what i wanted to contact them for
  3. i switched to TOTALAV and it works it removed everything even the phishing inappropriate video please tell me what to do about bitdefender i like if better if not i am sticking with this one .
  4. so i have the free edition because i am a kid and don't have a credit card but it worked fine until now I use to go to this website for free movies (all sources are obtained from other websites) and bitdefender would remove the infected part of the websites the adds that when you click any ware would redirect you al that was removed but now it doesn't do anything it just remains blank in notifications no events i reinstall it same issue it doesn't say web protection for URL anymore what to do ?
  5. i recently got this app for a security key for my computer it is important because i am a student and i may accidently leave my computer alone ,but it has an option for commands i would llike to put in any ideas and what is the command to make things go crazy on the computer .
  6. yhh i know wht you mean glasswire has it's own notifications but is there a way to get it llike tht for windows like a app tht takes notifications and customizes it as it's own like on your phones where there is an app tht can let you customize it with notifiaction access is there an app for windows
  7. i allso want to make the noticications the same way for windows 10 and i want to animate the icons like glasswire does
  8. it is too sus and i am using it also i want to change the look maybe give the password entry rounded corners or add more widgets
  9. windows is ugly just accept it i want to change the style of the logon screen and I don't mean a stupid wallpaper replacement
  10. i hate windows anyway thx and it has this app metro sidebar tht looks good