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  1. i dont know how to tell if my motherboards dead or not because my pc wont turn on, it might be because of my front panel button that might not work. the motherboard still powered my gpu led (which will not turn on if i unplugged the 24pin). could it be just the front panel cable or what?
  2. i bought g pro wireless about two months ago, using it and having no problem at all with the battery till 2 weeks ago, i charged it like always, once every 2 or 3 days depends on the battery but now everytime i charged to 100% and i unplugged it, it would say that its still on 40ish%, but when i plug it back in it would say 100%.. anyone know what the problem is? im using both g hub and logitech gaming software and both said so
  3. wait only $20 less? isnt the box includes the warranty?
  4. im looking forward to use ray tracing cause i have several games that support it
  5. i have lg 1440p 144hz monitor and a 3700x
  6. its faster than 2080 super and much cheaper, the 2080super goes like $800 - $850 in my country
  7. So i was thinking about upgrading my ASUS 2060 dual oc to 3060ti , i wanted to sell my 2060 but i kinda lost the box when moving out, i bought it for about $400, is it goin to affect its price so much? i used it for a year and only for gaming