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  1. I changed it to this. Btw what do you think about the fan placement? Would it be more so beneficial to have 3 intake at the back/top?
  2. Yeah i thought so, thats what the issue is with my fans and why they're so annoying. I have a screenshot here of what i did to the curve, it seems to be ok like this but was able to push back the critical temp to 80 degrees as the cpu doesnt usually hit this one just at idle like it jumps to 75 degrees. I only just noticed that there is a fan smoothing mode on here aswell....
  3. Oh ok, i have the front 3 for intake and the rest exhaust. So you think its better for the back 3 to be intake and the front exhaust or left alone? This could be an idea worth trying because i was thinking about the efficiency of the front fans as they dont seem to pull a whole lot of air.
  4. So playing games (Escape from Tarkov) I hit 110 fps which is great whilst my CPU temp is at 75 degrees stable, my GPU also sits at like 55 degrees with nearing 100% load. These temps are ok for gaming but idle is a bit higher than i thought it should be. The issue though with the fans is strange. I watch Ryzen Master and the temps go from 66 to 75 instantly and then back down, is this normal? This just means that the fans react accordingly to the change in the temp.
  5. Hello Gamers! I just yesterday built my first PC and everything was going well until it wasn't :(. My chassis fans would constantly ramp up to 100% and then back down to whatever it idles at (1300? 1000 rpm?) and it got very irritating. I looked at the temps and the bios menu (which i know is unreliable) said 66 degrees when I booted it up. I installed Ryzen Master and the idle temps were at 66 degrees, moving sometimes to 75. This, of course, means that my CoolerMaster MF120R fans (x6) ramp up to 2000 rpm, which is incredibly irritating to hear over and over when I'm staring at my