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  1. SO you're saying that a company that sells a physical product at the EXACT same price per unit, if they sell 10 million or 1 million, is artificially generating a shortage? Even though the more they sell the higher margins they make? Even though they need to sell millions before they even break even in R&D and full scale tooling costs? This is not the Diamond industry where they don't R&D a product because the entire point is that it NEVER CHANGES. So all they need to do is horde 90% of what they dig so they can raise the cost by 10,000% per item sold.
  2. lol! Well you got to pay the middle man so each time you get a little less back. I understand that this digital coin can = real $$ to buy real product and pay your very real taxes. The problem is this. You're not adding anything to the market. You're only consuming. So every $$$ that is currently in crypto was just transferred away from other products or banks. If you buy software, service, physical product ect. You traded a finite resource for $$. What you purchased can now be consumed. You took from the market and added. Crypto is ONLY take, only consume. Consume hardwar
  3. This is my fear, all because Crypto mining. I feel is the end of humanity. Consume untold amounts of energy. Energy that is 90% none renewable, pollutes, nations fight for it. All for processing power that = exactly 0 benefit to humanity, just digital coins.
  4. Unfortunately, I'm not aloud to purchase form eBay, we have had so many issues that it's been banned by our Accounting Dept. However I'll look beyond Newegg and Amazon to see if I cant find a good dealer that stocks them.
  5. Very expensive low end Video cards. For work builds I've been using 1060,1650 or 1660. Mostly to push multiple 4k monitors and a little light gaming during lunch. A 4GB 1660 used to run ~$240. Now they are $500. I see 1650's going for $400 and so on. What is going on that is causing this? I would think with the release of the 3k and 6k series these older cards would get cheaper not double in price? Is this expected to last I need to keep building work stations but now have no good Video-card options.