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  1. Yeah, its called XMP for me and do you think it could just be the ram maybe? I didn't buy this ram to run it at anything below 3200Mhz.
  2. I have tried to run the 3000Mhz XMP profile, but it also uses 1.35V and does not post. Also what's DOCP?
  3. So I am having an issue with some new ram I have recently bought and am not sure how to fix it. So basically I am unable to use the XMP profile because there is what I think appears to be some voltage issue. On my motherboard where the ram would go it has little text written on it that says "1.2V" and in the BIOS when I try to use the XMP profile it wants to use 1.35V. Whenever I go above the 1.2V the text in the BIOS turns red and if I try to exit and save my settings the PC will turn on, but there will be no post. I have also tried to set the overclocking mode to manual, but this didn't do a