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  1. Thank you, help me alot from waste my money. Im not in States unfortunaly but I can find 3300x for $140 in my place, can you tell me the most powerful card can pair with 3300x ?
  2. My card do very well ( 80-100 fps) in every PoE contents except the "100% delirious delirium map", this content has tons of mobs and item drop. I have 8gb memory as well. People try to low the graphics quality to improve fps but I hate to play that minecraft version of PoE.
  3. Hi, My PC is i5 3470+rx480. I play mostly Path of Exile (PoE), sometimes CSGO and dota2 and my pc did basically not bad but now I'd like to play my games in 1440p with decent fps so I decided to buy a new PC. I currently aim for r5 5600x + b550m motherboard and I need advices about what graphics card I should use. My fps drop below 30 when I'm in "heavy" PoE map with rx480 in 1080p, I hope my new PC can do 60+ fps in 1440p. I can pay <$750 for graphics card. Should I buy a used rtx 2070 super for $450-$480 (trust me it cost that much in my country) or a new card ? rtx 3060